Industrial hemp will be grown legally in Texas

Industrial hemp will be grown legally in Texas

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On April 24th, HB 1325 was unanimously passed by the Texas House of Representatives. This bipartisan bill will establish a regulatory and licensing framework for the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp, as well as products made from this plant, such as cannabidiol (CBD) and it has finally passed into law after being approved last Monday, June 10th.

Industrial hemp will be grown legally in Texas

Once HB 1325 bill is passed, the next steps to enact it into law are, first, that the House of Representatives accepts Senate’s amendments to the bill and then that both houses vote in favor.

June 16th was the deadline for Texas Governor, Gregg Abbott, to veto this bill, although this possibility is highly unlikely since it has passed both houses unanimously. Finally, thanks to this legislative process, farmers will be allowed to grow hemp and sell products such as CBD oil.

Industrial hemp will be grown legally in Texas

So what is the requirement for the sale of industrial hemp in Texas? Currently, the final product cannot exceed a 3% concentration of THC.

The regulation does not affect CBD, which can be consumed freely, but does restrict tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive substance of cannabis, which continues to remain illegal in this state. The Department of Agriculture will be in charge of monitoring the cultivation and the Department of Health and Human Services will do the same for the processing and manufacturing of hemp-derived products.

The most immediate priority is to enact the regulations controlling the production of industrial hemp so that farmers are aware of the limits to be respected. If everything goes as planned, it seems that by 2020 this bill will become law in the state of Texas, providing a regulatory framework for hemp cultivation, manufacturing and sale.

As a result of this new hemp-friendlyapproach in Texas after the adoption of HB 1325, Lucky Leaf, the first hemp and cannabis expo to be held in the state, will take place next September 21 and 22.

As you can read in the event description, they have“built this expo with one thing in mind: it’s to have everything you need to grow your business; suppliers, mechanicals, attorneys, growers, distilleries, lighting companies. Get acquainted with edibles, laws, the agriculture process, and so much more”.

This trade show will include conferences and exhibitions of hemp, cannabis and CBD and will be held in Dallas at the Irving Convention Center. The organizers expect over 4,000 attendees and more than 1,000 vendors, with the participation of 30 speakers. By now, ten speakers have confirmed their attendance, leading experts in the industry who will present and discuss the latest ideas and the hottest topics in this field: Chip Paul, co-founder of Oklahomans For Health; Dr. Carlie Bell-Biggins, CEO of Nature Genie LLC; Jerome Chenevert, of Green Life Consulting LLC; or Brett Strauss, president and co-founder of Folio Grow.

Industrial hemp will be grown legally in Texas

The event website claims that this will be an expo that will mark a milestone in this state:

“Weat Lucky Leaf have personally seen the positive impact that cannabis and hemp have made on people’s lives. We’ve seen individuals’ health and wellbeing thrive, we’ve seen people discover business opportunities that weren’t possible only a few years ago and we’ve witnessed the rising influence they have on local economies. Our company is a prime example“.

This unique event will also serve to meet new exhibitors:

„we make a point to offer a varied mix of exhibitors.“

In addition, the occasion will be perfect to build a networking community with other experienced professionals and to stay updated with the latest breakthroughs in the industry using all related social media channels: web pages, social networks and speakers.

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