Pleasure Peaks: sex, cannabis and spirituality

Pleasure Peaks: sex, cannabis and spirituality

Durch: Laura Rueda Ärtzlich

Cannabis and sexual health. We love to see that in other latitudes where the plant is regularized, there are women who continue to investigate the benefits and possibilities of this combination. Pleasure Peaks or Picos de Placer is the project of Antuanette Gomez, an international specialist in tantric sex, sexual health and cannabis. In addition to being a defender of women’s rights, she fights against sexual oppression.

Pleasure Peaks: sex, cannabis and spirituality

„The key to the sexual liberation of women is to normalize sexual healing and sexual health items, and make them easily available.“ Historically, women have been oppressed in all aspects of their lives, including sexually. Pleasure Peaks claim the need to empower themselves to recover the pleasures of life and to heal sexually. To achieve this, Antuanette Gomez works with the plant. „Who would have known that our relationship with marijuana would lead us to free our sexuality and sensuality! We are here to be your guide and unlock your erotic energy, so you can use it in your relationships, your business or with yourself! „

To achieve this, Antuanette Gomez offers through Pleasure Peaks a series of services that range from the sale of lubricants made with cannabis (all made with 100% organic ingredients and ethically); to workshops, retreats for couples and educational tools such as Ganja Yoga; or events like Women Grow. According to this cannabis-sexual coach, „erotic energy is the most powerful we have, since it can heal our most deeply rooted traumas and empower women’s communities.“

One of the workshops they offer is tantra for couples, as she explains in her Instagram, „in tantric philosophy they have used cannabis in sex for thousands of years. It’s not new that cannabis is a natural aphrodisiac. “ And this is one of the activities that takes place during the Mary Jane Spa Date

Pleasure Peaks: sex, cannabis and spirituality


For women and anyone who wants to deepen their femininity they have created Pleasure Peaks HQ, a safe space to connect and heal with love between sisters. Because, according to its creator, „the magic happens when a group of women meets to share their own love and it is important to reflect on these times we live and learn while we share our experiences.“

Another tool that Antuanette Gomez uses is glass eggs made from minerals such as green jade, rose quartz or black obsidian. They have an oval shape and have been used for thousands of years in cultures such as China. Many of these crystals have different properties, depending on the material they are made of. According to tradition, it is believed that they can help strengthen our vagina, improve its elasticity, release traumas that we have not overcome or improve our lubrication and sexual desire. Although they can also be useful with other vital processes such as postmenopause.

Pleasure Peaks: sex, cannabis and spirituality

Like Gomez, there are therapists who can guide us in this process of self-knowledge and healing, as these are very powerful stones that can have a negative effect on us if we do not know how to use them. Some of these eggs are vaginal and others are allowed to rest on our stomach, at the level of the uterus. That is why it is very important to have a guiding figure in a process of healing and therapy like this.

We think that projects like Pleasure Peaks, which combine cannabis, sexuality and spirituality, are necessary and greatly interesting for full self-knowledge and empowerment. So here we have an excerpt from „The Vagina Monologues“, by Eve Ensler

“My revolution begins in the body

It isn’t waiting anymore

My revolution does not need approval or permission

It happens because it has to happen in each neighborhood, village, city or town

at gatherings of tribes, fellow students, women at the market, on the bus

It may be gradual and soft

It may be spontaneous and loud

It may be happening already

It may be found in your closet, your drawers, your gut, your legs, your multiplying cells

in the naked mouth of taut nipples and overflowing breasts

My revolution is swelling from the insatiable drumming between my legs

My revolution is willing to die for this

My revolution is ready to live big

My revolution is overthrowing the state

Of mind called patriarchy

My revolution will not be choreographed although it begins with a few familiar steps.

My revolution is not violent but it does not shy away from the dangerous edges where fierce displays of resistance tumble into something new”


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