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Purple Kush - Kannabia
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Purple kush, unsere neueste Sorte, bringt noch mehr Farbe in unseren Katalog. Wir können sowohl intensive, verschiedene grüne, wie aber auch purpurne Farbtöne entdecken.  
Dieser "Purple"-Hybrid bringt kompakte und harzreiche Buds hervor und verführt mit seinem süssem, würzigem Aroma. Ein einfache Pflanze die selbst mit wenig Pflege optimal gedeit. Sie reagiert jedoch empfindlich gegen Überdüngung, was sich direkt an ihrem Blattwerk bemerkbar macht. Die harzreichen Buds verfärben sich ab der 4ten Blütewoche und bekommen dann ihren charakteristischen purpurnen Farbton. 

Purple Kush besitzt eine stark definierte indica-lastige Wirkung, welche sich in einer angenehmen Entspannung äussert, ist aber auch für Menschen mit aktivem Lebensstil bestens geeignet. Sie ist wenig anspruchsvoll was das Klima anbelangt und gedeit auch in nördlichen Regionen hervorragend.  


Characteristics observed in a plant grown in optimal conditions. These may vary according to the external factors of each crop.

Therapeutic values relate to the content of endogenous phytoannanabinoids produced by one plant. These can also vary depending on the external factors of each crop. Consult a specialist before use.

Technische Info

Values obtained in a plant grown in optimal conditions. These may vary according to the external factors of each crop.

Genetischer Stamm:
Black Domina x Purple Kush
Hybride mit Indicadominanz
<0,5 %
22,9 %


55-60 tage


Values obtained in a plant grown in optimal conditions. These may vary according to the external factors of each crop.

180-200 cm
Sehr hoch

Kannabia Seeds Company vend à sa clientèle un produit de collection, un souvenir. Nous ne pouvons pas et nous ne devons pas donner de culture, donc notre produit n’est pas destiné à cette fin.

Kannabia accept no responsibility for any illegal use made by third parties of information published. The cultivation of cannabis for personal consumption is an activity subject to legal restrictions that vary from state to state. We recommend consultation of the legislation in force in your country of residence to avoid participation in any illegal activity.


This strain turned out beautiful in my garden. Has a really nice purple colour. This strain is a little bit more tempermental and requires a bit more attention and growing experience. My yeild was 3 oz per plant in 5 gal pots it was a pleasure to grow this strain all around.


i got three distinct phenotypes from these seeds. One has big beautiful purple buds. One has medium sized slightly purple buds. Last one has tiny buds with no hint of purple. I think the plant needs a bit more stabilizing. 


What wonderful genetics. Amazing growth momentum. Beautiful heavy indica leaf structure. What a pleasure to grow. Thanks kannabia!


Buds are on the smaller side - a good candidate for training a bushy plant. I was disappointed with the yield. Harder to grow and not for beginners. Smells like fresh peaches throughout the grow - one of the best smelling strains I've grown. Didn't start showing purple hues until 8 weeks into flower. The flower period for me was ~80 days, not the advertised 60 days.


Grown this plant for multiple harvest and can confirm there are two destinct buds that come from here. One with Deep Purple and one with only Streaks of purple late in flower. They both smell Identical and its the sweetest bud I have ever grown.Cotton Candy, Peaches, koolaid, and lots of other smells come to mind but whatever those terpenes are... yea....super dank...Yeilds get as big as you let your root mass get. I am using Ebb&Flow and only use 6-8" rock wool cubes. Keep Ph about 5.8/6 and I just use VegBloom for Nutrients. A little Nectar for flower. Still getting decent weight, just avoid over Heating/Lighting, they will foxtail. They are definitely hardy disease resistant plants, just be careful with sweetness as they can attract pests. Im in controlled climate but can see it being issue.


Side note:

They are extremely easy to clone. Without any hormones or anything other than light nutrients I have had 100% success rate taking cuttings and getting a really nice root system in 1"x1" RW cubes within a week. Just keep Humidity up....With Hormones they are even faster.

Have uploaded a deep purple strain from seed into photo gallery. Titled: 3 weeks Left