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4 de cada 10 canadienses decidirá su punto de compra según el precio
by Laura Rueda on 15/11/18
The legalization of recreational cannabis is already a reality in Canada. Until normalization in society begins to speak for itself, the global market research and consulting firm based in Paris, Ipsos, has conducted a survey on the consumer habits of Canadian citizens. Price will be decisive in choice between legal or black market

Four out of ten Canadians confess that it will be the price of cannabis that will determine whether they continue to buy on the black market or,...

 Cannabis, protagonist of the Congress of Deputies
by Laura Rueda on 14/11/18

On October 18th, cannabis was the topic of discussion in the Congress of Deputies. In a historic day, which lasted five hours, activists, patients, users and experts from the medical, legal and economic world took part. All of them gave solid arguments in favour of an urgent legalization in a forum organized by Podemos, to debate the integral regulation of the plant and its derivatives. Because, as was much repeated, "the question is not whether cannabis is regulated or not, but...

El cannabis recreativo por fin es legal en Canadá
by Laura Rueda on 08/11/18

Since October 17th recreational cannabis has been legal in Canada, adding it to the list of governments that have legislated on non-therapeutic marijuana. This list is very short, since there are only two countries in the whole world where it is legal to consume cannabis in recreationally: Uruguay since 2013, and Canada. The latter, additionally, becomes the first G7 and G20 country to legalize.

The C-45 law

Just four months after the Canadian Senate approved the...

El estudio más grande realizado sobre esquizofrenia y cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 06/11/18
The Barcelona hospital Vall d'Hebron has participated in the largest international study so far carried out looking at the relationship between cannabis use and mental pathologies. One of the facts that has been revealed are new genetic regions related to the consumption of the plant and diseases such as schizophrenia.

24% of genetic base

This international study, in which 184,765 patients participated, shows that 24% of the genetic base that...

Un estudio de Foria Wellness relaciona menstruación y cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 05/11/18
The cannabis industry is going from strength to strength in countries where the plant is legalized. One of the most niche markets with the most potential also supports the claim of marijuana as feminist ally. Menstrual pains, intimate hygiene, sexual pleasure ... For thousands of years the plant has helped us through the cycles of our lives and now brands like Foria Wellness are launching these same lines to the market.

From menstrual pain to pleasure


Coca Cola pourrait lancer à son tour un rafraîchissement cannabique
by Laura Rueda on 02/11/18
There’s no smoke without fire. Canadian economy channel BNN Bloomberg issued a notice announcing that Coca Cola was in talks with Canadian company Aurora Cannabis to produce a product together. Shortly afterwards the US multinational beverage company issued a statement, dated Sept. 17, stating that it intended to enter the emerging marijuana infusion market.

Cannabis Coca Cola

The world's largest beverage maker may also target the emerging cannabis market...

La ley catalana de asociaciones de cannabis queda anulada por el Tribunal Constitucional
by Laura Rueda on 02/11/18
In June 2017, Parliament approved a law that protected the activity of cannabis clubs: the constitution of these as associations, the cultivation of the plant and its subsequent transport, as they had previously been operating alegally. One year and almost three months later, on September 19, 2018, the Constitutional Court considered that this regulation violated the powers of the State and could protect illegal activities; and therefore, they have revoked it.


Cannabis et yoga, un rêve devenu réalité
by Laura Rueda on 30/10/18
Yoga has changed many people's lives. In these times of doing everything fast, of spending almost the entire week working, of not having time for ourselves and of experiencing constant stress, mental and physical disciplines such as this are revolutionary. Imagine adding some cannabis to your daily practice and you will find yourself practising ganja yoga.

Dee Dussault says on her website that the first time she gave a Ganja Yoga class in her...

Mary Jane Rathbun, l'activiste des brownies au chocolat
by Laura Rueda on 29/10/18

As with all struggles, to reach this point, many people have had to fight for the cause. One of the most original activists in the history of the medical cannabis fight was Mary Jane Rathbun, better known as Brownie Mary. Yes, activism can begin in a San Francisco neighbourhood in a kitchen baking cookies with a secret ingredient, marijuana.

Deliciously magical brownies

Like all of us, Brownie Mary's life had conventional parts. She...

L'OMS recommande à l'ONU de reclasser le cannabis dans la liste des substances interdites
by Laura Rueda on 26/10/18
The World Health Organization (WHO) has requested that the United Nations (UN) consider the reclassification and / or elimination of cannabis from lists I and IV of the most dangerous substances. A place that it has occupied since 1961 along with heroin and other drugs to which little medical value is attributed, without any evidence, for more than 50 years.

A few years ago this news would have seemed unthinkable, since the list of dangerous substances...