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“Liberté, fraternité… legalisation?!”
by Laura Rueda on 11/07/19
Cannabis Europe was, until now, known for the activism of countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or Spain. These days it seems that France is moving up a gear with this regulation, after last December, the French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety (ANSM) recommended the plant medical use under certain...
El cáñamo industrial se cultivará legalmente en Texas
by Laura Rueda on 05/07/19
On April 24th, HB 1325 was unanimously passed by the Texas House of Representatives. This bipartisan bill will establish a regulatory and licensing framework for the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp, as well as products made from this plant, such as cannabidiol (CBD) and it has finally passed into law after being approved last Monday, June 10th.

Once HB 1325 bill is passed, the next steps to enact it...

"We Are Mary Jane" llega a Barcelona
by Laura Rueda on 24/06/19
How many initiatives were born on March 8, 2018! Millions of women took to the streets in a historic global general strike that was repeated again in 2019. Just one year ago, on International Women's Day at Spannabis, the idea of the exhibition "We are Mary Jane" was born, a tribute to women who love the marijuana plant. For this day, the Hash...
HO KARAN, cosmética cannábica sin estrés
by Laura Rueda on 19/06/19
Cannabis reaches multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores and we're crazy about it! HO KARAN is a French cannabis brand for skin care that, since this month, can be found in Sephora. Due to its moisturizing power, one of its flagship products is organic hemp oil. You can buy it now together with the Eye Contour care.

HO KARAN is not a newly...

La "grande dame" del cannabis, Michka Seeliger-Chatelain
by Laura Rueda on 14/06/19
In Yes We Skunk, we like to get to know a little better the people that make up the cannabis community. That's why today we want to introduce you to Michka Seeliger-Chatelain, better known as the "Grande Dame" of Cannabis. The French activist is also a...
Canopy Growth, la compañía de cannabis más grande del mundo tiene sede en España
by Laura Rueda on 12/06/19
Canopy Growth Corporation is considered to be the largest cannabis company in the world today. So much so, that the producer and international marketer of beer, wine and spirits, Constellation Brands Inc (Corona, Modelo, Pacífico, among others) controls 35%. This giant of marijuana, which is based...
El cannabis mejora el disfrute y la recuperación del ejercicio físico, según un estudio
by Laura Rueda on 06/06/19
Are you getting in shape for the summer? Surely you are already at the gym working hard or practicing a fancy activity such crossfit, in an attempt to get fit for the summer. Would you associate cannabis with sport? Most people will say no. The University of Colorado Boulder has done so, taking as sample 600 marijuana...
Almería, ¿el nuevo referente europeo para el cannabis medicinal?
by Laura Rueda on 30/05/19
The news caught our attention, but it did not surprise us at all. If Almeria is known to be the orchard of Europe due to its extensive kilometres of greenhouses, in the near future, it could also be known as the cradle of medicinal cannabis in Spain, thanks to the ambitious project of GSG & Associates.

This promoter recently announced the offer of some jobs for this project. They published four vacancies for...

La eco-construcción a través del hempcrete
by Laura Rueda on 20/05/19
There is a trend in hemp building that is giving plenty to talk about lately. It is the Hempcrete, a material that stands out for being light and resistant at the same time, as well as being exceptional in terms of thermal regulation and humidity. If we add to this that it is sustainable, resistant to fire and that it is classified as a negative carbon, we do not understand why it is not yet being used more in the manufacture of...
Weedcraft inc, the cannabis game of the moment
by Laura Rueda on 16/05/19
It is not something new that fiction turns to the marijuana business to save its characters from an imminent bankruptcy situation. We saw it in the TV series Weeds, when its protagonist, Nancy Botwin, played masterfully by Mary-Louise Parker, starts selling cannabis in Agrestic, her Californian residential neighborhood, after becoming a widow. Now, a similar argument comes in another format, the videogame Weedcraft Inc. The series is about two brothers who lose their father and, to earn their...