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La gran fiesta del cannabis, Expogrow 2019
by Laura Rueda on 25/04/19
In a few days’ time, one of the most important cannabis events in Europe will be held in Irún, the great cannabis party, Expogrow, which to celebrate its eighth edition has changed its usual autumn date (in September) to bloom in spring on April 26th, 27th and 28th. Three days of activities, tastings, concerts, discoveries and encounters with old friends and new. An event...
Productos cannábicos para una piel bien nutrida y sana
by Laura Rueda on 23/04/19
Cannabis is so normalized in some countries that their citizens have already started to introduce it into their routine, in the pantry, as edibles; in the medicine cabinet, in the different forms of therapeutic cannabis; and even amongst their toiletries in the form of beauty and skincare items. In this post we review some brands that are free from chemical products and will leave your skin beautifully hydrated. "Made from Dirt" cannabis balsams

The main mission of this American...

El ABC del CBD: guía esencial para padres, de Shira Adler
by Laura Rueda on 22/04/19

Would you like to learn more about CBD in a fun and entertaining way? Shira Adler has written this humorous book, to take you by the hand and lead you through history page by page, discovering fascinating facts as you go. Its chapters will clear your doubts, banish myths and refresh the way you view this cannabinoid, which offers us so many possibilities.

The ABC'S of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents (And Regular Folks Too) is a book...

"El ser humano siempre ha usado el cáñamo para todo, para nosotros es algo natural"- Entrevista a Fernando Madina
by Laura Rueda on 19/04/19
En esta vida hay dos tipos de persona, las que van a encontrarse con los tronos de Semana Santa y las que los esquivan. Fernando Madina, vocalista y bajista de Reincidentes, pertenece a la segunda categoría y atiende nuestra llamada la mañana del Jueves Santo desde su casa a las afueras de Sevilla. Hablamos de un proyecto musical distinto, PPM Covers Session, un...
"Soy una convencida de que el cannabis es una alternativa por si sola, o complementaria para mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas" - Entrevista a Antonieta Valenzuela
by Laura Rueda on 09/04/19
Antonieta Valenzuela is a surgeon. For several years now, she has specialized in medicinal treatment with cannabis and is investigating the effect of the plant on certain ailments which are invisible to society and which affect women specifically, such as dysmenorrhea or fibromyalgia. At YesWeSkunk we talk to her about these and other fascinating topics.

Laura Rueda - You participated in the first American Meeting of Professional Experts in...

Tom Hanks supports CBD research into diabetes
by Laura Rueda on 08/04/19
Tom Hanks has taken an important step in his career as an activist by partnering with Heather Pyces, a student at Cornell University, to investigate the benefits of cannabidiol in people with diabetes and stress-related illnesses. The winner of two Oscars and four Golden Globes has suffered from the disease for years. In this post we’ll tell you his story.

There is a time in our...

"There are few veterinarians who work with cannabis", interview with Francisca Medina
by Laura Rueda on 01/04/19

Francisca Medina is a vet at the University of Chile who is currently working at Fundación Daya treating dogs and cats. We wanted to dig a little deeper into her work after her speech at the last Expoweed. We were interested in her work as an animal medical professional and, more specifically, as an...

 Relatos de pacientes usuarios de cannabis medicinal, de Fundación Daya
by Laura Rueda on 27/03/19
"Information is power," says Jorge Riffo, father of Lucas Riffo, the first baby authorized to use cannabis oil in a hospital in Chile. His testimony, together with that of 49 other people, is included in the book "Stories of patients who use medicinal cannabis", published by Fundación Daya, to highlight the importance of the plant’s therapeutic aspect. Because having role models is fundamental in the field of health as well.

Inés Ximena Martínez Olivares...

"El médico del cannabis", un apasionante libro para todos los públicos
by Laura Rueda on 26/03/19

Despite the fact that we have known the existence and possibilities of cannabis for 5,000 years, it is as if we have had a book in our hands with missing pages. This is the simile used by Dr. Albert Estrada in his book "The doctor of cannabis", from the publisher El...

El vino cannábico llega a nuestras vidas
by Laura Rueda on 25/03/19
On this blog we have talked about cannabis beers made with barley and marijuana oil, and also beers made with 100%  cannabis. We have told you about the tendency of millennials to consume more cannabis and to be less and less interested in alcohol. And we have told you that the...