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El CBD en altas dosis podría reducir la adicción a la metanfetamina
by Laura Rueda on 17/12/18
New investigation carried out in rodents have discovered hitherto unknown results. It seems that high doses of cannabidiol (CBD) could decrease the consumption of methamphetamines. This is the reflection in the prestigious journal Journal of Psychopharmacology, which has published the results of a study tested on rats. CBD to halt methamphetamine consumption

The Journal of Psychopharmacology is a prestigious publication specialized in medicine, which recently released a highly...

Tratamientos cannábicos en animales - Entrevista a la veterinaria Pilar Prados Linares
by Laura Rueda on 14/12/18

Veterinary treatments with cannabis are still taking their first steps in our society. It is a sensitive and controversial issue, since the protagonists are beings that can not decide for themselves, that are under our responsibility. However, it seems that this type of medicine, when used in a responsible way and following the advice of a vet, offers hope for some animals.

Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish have an...

La Jamaïque, une île très liée au cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 13/12/18
Although when we think of Jamaica, it brings to mind images of reggae music and Bob Marley smoking weed, it was not until three years ago that the country decriminalized the possession of the plant for personal use. Although the first planting of cannabis occurred in the 19th century, marijuana was banned in 1913, as a persecution of followers of Rastafarianism.


Bob Marley and Rastafarianism

Yes, you read correctly, until the year 2015, cannabis...

Cannabis desde un enfoque integral en Valencia
by Laura Rueda on 11/12/18
El 29 y 30 de noviembre se celebraron las jornadas “Cannabis desde un enfoque integral”. Expertos cannábicos se reunieron en la Universitat de Valencia con el objetivo de informar y debatir sobre la situación nacional e internacional del cannabis, sus usos y estatus legal, para tener una base argumental sólida ante las Corts Valencianes y así defender una regulación integral del cannabis en España y, concretamente,...
¿Cómo hacer que el viejo y el nuevo mundo cannábico convivan en paz?
by Laura Rueda on 05/12/18
At present, the cannabis world reality is divided in two. The old world, which revolves around the UN treaties of 1961, 1971 and 1988, and the new world, with the countries that support the regulation of cannabis. There are more and more places that support regulation of the cannabis market because, and although the UN conventions are obsolete, they are still legally binding.

How can these two objectivities coexist without altering each other? The TNI,...

Curiosités sur le cannabis et le sommeil
by Laura Rueda on 04/12/18
Many people find cannabis a useful aid when it comes to falling asleep. One of the most popular therapeutic uses of the plant is its relaxing effect, which often causes us to want to go to sleep almost immediately, especially when we’re talking about the indica varieties. In this post we tell you some more curiosities of the relationship between marijuana and the arms of Morpheus.

Dried aged cannabis causes more sleepiness

There are many studies,...

Esmeralda, la diosa verde de los aceites faciales
by Laura Rueda on 03/12/18
Little has been said about cannabis as an ingredient in body cosmetics, but from the other side of the pond a trend is emerging and we are following it. Esmeralda Deep Moisture Glow Oil is presented in the market as the green goddess of facial oils. Its soothing formula provides deep hydration and instant absorption.

Natural vegan cosmetics...
"Entender el dolor de los demás es estar a favor de la legalización del cannabis para uso medicinal" - Entrevista a Albert Estrada
by Laura Rueda on 30/11/18
Albert Estrada is a fan of role-playing games, a genre in which he has published The Secret of the Nimblekins. But in addition, he specializes in Clinical Biochemistry. Professionally he dedicates himself to cryopreservation and endocannabiology, and is one of the few specialists in cannabis medicine in our country. YesWeSkunk have taken the opportunity to chat with him, on the occasion of the recent publication of his amazing book, El médico del cannabis (The Cannabis Doctor), published by...
Nights, un festival que reflexiona sobre la vida nocturna
by Laura Rueda on 28/11/18
If some time ago they had told us that there would be a festival dedicated exclusively to debating nightlife, we would not have believed it. But times change and a few years ago NIGHTS arrived, and it has just celebrated its fourth edition in Brussels, after stopping at Padua and Berlin. This festival aims to recognise the necessary role of nightlife in each city and the life of each citizen.

Night leisure

There are many themes that are involved...

Finlandia, una de las legislaciones más duras de Europa
by Laura Rueda on 27/11/18
What do we know about Finland? That it belongs to the Nordic countries; that it gets very cold; that its landscapes are impressive; that it’s the best place to see the Northern Lights; that Santa Claus is from there….but, what do we know about  it’s laws in respect to cannabis? In this post we get a little closer to this land of ice and snow.

Country with a tradition of hemp plantations

The geographic location of Finland and the prevailing temperature...