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Eminencias médicas americanas exigen a sus gobiernos acceso a la marihuana en Perú
by Laura Rueda on 08/02/19
Enero comenzó con la celebración en Lima de un evento histórico y único, el Primer Encuentro Americano de Profesionales en Fitocannabinoides. Uno de los principales objetivos era firmar la Declaración de Lima sobre el Cannabis para uso Medicinal, un acuerdo que demanda a los gobiernos y a la ONU llevar a cabo las medidas políticas...
New York und New Jersey werden die Nächsten bei der Legalisierung von Cannabis als Genussmittel sein
by Laura Rueda on 06/02/19
Andrew Cuomo y Phil Murphy, gobernadores de Nueva York y Nueva Jersey respectivamente, han pedido la legalización del uso recreativo del cannabis en sus State of the State Speech. Los dos han fijado objetivos para que la marihuana lúdica sea un asunto importante en sus agendas de 2019. Cada uno de ellos, por separado, habló de este tema en el citado discurso del “Estado del Estado”, que dieron el pasado martes, 15 de enero. Promesas...
El gobierno ha concedido ocho licencias para cultivar cannabis hasta la fecha
by Laura Rueda on 31/01/19

Miguel Vila Gómez, member of the Unidos Podemos group - En Comú Podem - En Marea sent a question to the Congress of Deputies in October 2018. This question about the licenses granted so far to grow cannabis sativa in Spain was answered in writing by the Executive at the beginning of 2019, on January 2. In total, eight authorizations have been awarded to date, five for research purposes, one for purposes "exclusively didactic and educational" and two for medicinal purposes.

Algorithme et marijuana
by Laura Rueda on 30/01/19

2019 could not have started with a more 21st century story. The Portuguese private consultancy LTPLabs has developed an algorithm to predict which countries will legalize cannabis recreationally and for medicinal use. Artificial intelligence, masses of data and 98 variables were the magic ingredients used  to create this futuristic tool.

LTPLabs is a private Portuguese consultancy made up of three professors from the University of Oporto, which was founded in 2014...

Perú, a las puertas de la legalización medicinal del cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 25/01/19

The movement for the legalization of medicinal cannabis in Peru has been predominantly led by the parents of children with diseases like refractory epilepsy. In October 2017 the country's congress approved by majority a law that regulates the medicinal and therapeutic use of the plant. One month earlier, on September 23, 2017, a march involving hundreds of people took place in the...

3 projets créatifs qui s'inspirent principalement du cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 23/01/19
There is nothing we like more than art and culture. Diving through social networks connects us with authentic products, original, beautiful and very necessary. Cannabis provides the inspiration for these brands. Many of them are small projects pouring their hearts and souls into their products. Hearing the story of their creation is thrilling and encourages us to keep giving voice to such talented people. Chloe O'Malley and her needlepoint embroidery

Needlepoint  is a trend that...

Feminist weed farmer, un libro para mujeres, personas racializadas y queer
by Laura Rueda on 21/01/19

I don’t know about you, but one thing i would ask from 2019, is more books about feminism. That’s why, uniting two fights as important as feminism and cannabis, we couldn’t miss reading The Feminist Famer, growing conscious medicine in your own backyard, by Madrone Stewart, published by Microcosm Publishing.

“Feminist Weed Farmer” is included in many media lists across the world as one of the cannabis books that you should read and have in your library. All its...

Israel auf dem Weg zum Cannabis-Exporteur
by Laura Rueda on 18/01/19

Israel has been a leader in cannabis for many decades. It leads the world in research and also in the production of the plant for therapeutic use. Once again it is in the news for approving an amendment to a bill that will allow the export of medicinal cannabis to other countries.

Back in 2016 the Knesset  - the Israeli Parliament - approved the bill in favour of exports. And on December 25th, it passed with a resounding 21-0 vote, although it still needs approval...

Thailand legalisiert als erstes Land des asiatischen Südostens Medizinisches Cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 17/01/19

Christmas day was also Cannabis Day in Thailand. December 25 is not a holiday there, and the National Legislative Assembly approved the legalization of cannabis for medicinal and research and development purposes. This law still has to be ratified by the king, before being fully implicated when it is published in the Royal Gazette.

But, if everything goes ahead, Thailand will be the first Southeast Asian country to join the global trend of legalization of the plant...

Nutzhanf ist in den USA endlich auf Bundesebene legal
by Laura Rueda on 15/01/19
Hemp and its derivatives are no longer in the Controlled Substances Act. On December 20, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, signed the Agricultural Law of 2018. In this way, the plant went from being on the List 1 of Narcotic Drugs to being redefined as an agricultural product and to being legal at a national, federal level, in the 50 states that make up the country. This is intended to boost the agricultural industry and is estimated to bring great economic benefits....