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Sind Cannabis und Sport miteinander vereinbar?
by Lukas Hurt on 18/12/18
With its increasing acceptance in society and continuing legalization, cannabis is also penetrating more and more into the world of professional and amateur sport. Although it is a banned form of doping in many disciplines, in practice, it has actually been shown to be an effective form of medicine, which helps our bodies to regenerate after demanding performances.

In the United States especially, there has recently been an increasingly heated discussion between...

Un  agricultor checo es procesado por cultivar cáñamo
by Lukas Hurt on 13/11/18
An absurd case of Czech hemp farmer Leopold Svatý, whose certified hemp had been seized by police two years ago during the cannabis tradeshow in the city of Ostrava, came to an end on 9 November. Mr. Svatý was sentenced by the District Court for exceeding the allowed limit of THC by 0.3% to 15 months in prison, probated for 24 months.

Mr. Svatý produced an...

Third strongest political party in Czech Republic introduces cannabis legalization bill
by Lukas Hurt on 05/09/18

In a groundbreaking move, the Pirate Party introduced a new piece of legislation in the Lower House of the Czech Parliament on Friday, August 31st.  The bill would – if it becomes law – legalize home growing of up to five plants per person, possession of 1,250 grams of dried cannabis at home and the carrying of up to 30 grams. Using in public, selling, gifting, etc. will be still prohibited and this bill also does not include the creation and regulation of a commercial...

Czech Patients and Doctors to Demonstrate for the Right to Grow and Use Own Cannabis
by Lukas Hurt on 27/09/17

Since 2013, Czech patients suffering from various diseases have been theoretically eligible to obtain and use legal medical cannabis from pharmacies under prescription of a doctor. In reality, however, they have to break the law in order to improve the quality of their life or – in some cases – even save it. Now, for the first time in modern history, they are taking their protest right to the politicians – calling for a peaceful demonstration in front of the Ministry of Health in Prague. ...

Is the War on Cannabis Slowing Down in Slovakia?
by Lukas Hurt on 19/09/17

Instead of being treated like criminals, users who are caught using cannabis for the first time could get away with a fine. That’s the big news from Slovakia, the country in the middle of Europe with draconian anti-cannabis and anti-drug laws. But the new proposition is causing a huge stir in the government, showing how backward the politicians in power are.

Trial, probation or even imprisonment for smoking one joint or possessing 0.1 gram of dried bud, no access to medical cannabis,...

Czech Hemp Farmer Prosecuted for Growing Hemp in an Unprecedented Trial
by Lukas Hurt on 04/09/17

August 23rd was the day when I went to the court for the first time in my life. I was neither accused nor summoned as a witness, I just wanted to see with my own eyes a public hearing which I would never imagine to make it to the courtroom. Could anything be more absurd than prosecuting a hemp farmer for growing certified hemp? Well, everything is possible when it comes to Czechia and cannabis. 

Mr. Leopold Svatý has been growing hemp (legal varieties of cannabis) on a large scale for...

Hanfparade 2017: Germany’s Biggest March for Cannabis Legalization
by Lukas Hurt on 16/08/17

Berlin, German capital with a population of more than 3.5 million, witnessed its 21st Hanfparade this past Saturday – a peaceful gathering of cannabis supporters who marched through the city centre and demanded nothing less than a full legalization of this plant.

What could you see when you arrived at Berlin’s Central Train Station on Saturday 12th? A lot of reggae vibes, cannabis-themed banners and clothes everywhere, sweet odour of burnt herb emanating from hundreds of joints and...

Medical Cannabis Legalized in Poland – a Doctor’s View
by Lukas Hurt on 01/08/17

As we have informed in June, Polish Parliament overwhelmingly approved a bill legalizing the use of cannabis for certain medical conditions. President Andrzej Duda signed it into law on the 20th of July, making Poland yet another European country where severely ill patients will be able to legally buy cannabis and products made from. But there are some drawbacks as we found out.

“This is just a first step on the long road for patients, who may benefit from medical cannabis, and...

A Perfect Holiday in Czech Cannabis Paradise: Jamaican-style Hemp Farm with Maze and Much More
by Lukas Hurt on 28/07/17

I spent the last weekend of last year’s summer holiday on a unique cannabis farm called Vranč, located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Czech Republic – Southern Moravia. The two acre large maze, hundred tons worth of beach sand, and a well-made replica of a Jamaican ship, along with a wide selection of hemp foods and drinks, and an overall relaxing atmosphere absolutely blew me away. That’s why this year, I simply couldn’t wait for this farm’s gates to open again…

This time...

Cannabis para tu mascota
by Lukas Hurt on 12/07/17

Epilepsy, diabetes, arthritis, various cancers – all of these and many more illnesses afflict not only humans, but also animals. And since every animal on this planet has the same endocannabinoid system as we do, the idea of treating their ailments with plant cannabinoids should be taken very seriously. Although illegal, more and more Czech vets and pet owners are turning to cannabis as a last resort and observe sometimes pretty incredible results.

Borysek is a thirteen-year-old...