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Fallece Antonio Escohotado. Descanse en paz, maestro…
by Redacción on 23/11/21

Kannabia Seeds quiere comunicar su gran tristeza por el fallecimiento en Ibiza, este pasado domingo, con ochenta años de edad, del célebre filósofo, ensayista y profesor universitario Antonio Escohotado, uno de los mayores defensores de la legalización de las drogas en España, y sobradamente conocido por libros como Historia general de las drogas, El espíritu de la comedia, Aprendiendo de las drogas: usos y abusos, prejuicios y desafíos, y El espíritu del libertino, entre una veintena de...

Cannamuffins de arándanos
by Redacción on 15/11/21
Welcome to the new blog section of our website, Kannabist friends!

Cannabis cuisine is booming and gaining unprecedented popularity, as many other uses of this plant are, in this time. Since we didn’t want to be left behind when it comes to bringing the best information possible, we are launching this new section of the blog dedicated exclusively to the preparation of the best cannabis recipes so we can enjoy another of the multiple uses of marijuana.

One of the best ways to include...

La energía “metal” de Hora Zulú irrumpe en la segunda entrega de Knnb Live
by Redacción on 02/11/21

Kannabia continues with its online concert programme on Knnb’s Live channel.

Hora Zulú, the alternative metal band from Granada formed in 2000, is the star of this new installment.

Knnb Live was presented to the international digital public a few weeks ago with the concert of Arturo Serra & José Carra Duet, who inaugurated this new space dedicated to creation and artistic...

Plagas y enfermedades en la marihuana
by Redacción on 26/10/21
We know how much time and effort you put into your home grow, how disastrous diseases and pest infestation can be and how quickly this can ruin the progress achieved so far. To prevent this from happening, we have put together this useful short guide to help you detect plant pathologies and prevent eventual attacks by pests. Don’t miss a thing! The Two Most Common Marihuana Pests

As most crops, cannabis is also exposed to great threats that can be identified and controlled. Next, we will...

Die Cannabis-Industrie in Polen
by Redacción on 23/07/20
Twenty years ago, the hemp industry in Poland did not even crawl. At the moment, it is one of the most developing countries in Central Europe, and the prospects for the near future are promising. The hemp business in the country on the Vistula River has recently started to flourish and, in fact, some legal conditions are its only limitation. Even if some of the regulations have changed in favour of this sector in the past few years. This article details the current situation of the Polish hemp...
RIP Charlotte Figi
by Redacción on 15/04/20
It is with great sadness that we learned of the recent death of Charlotte Figi (Colorado Springs, October 18, 2006 - April 7 2020) at age 13.

From Kannabia Seeds, we want to send our most sincere condolences to her parents, Paige and Matt, and to all her loved ones. We deeply regret your loss.

At a very young age, when she was just three months old, little Charlotte was diagnosed with...

We must stay at home, but we shall see you online!
by Redacción on 16/03/20

Dear collaborators,

Kannabia informs you that our offices will remain open but with some restrictions. Due to the current exceptional circumstances, and in order to prevent the spread of the disease, all pick-up services at our premises will be unavailable until further notice.  

For wholesaler buyers, order shipping is still guaranteed with the following couriers: MRW, SEUR, MailBoxes and UPS. 

For web orders, shippings to your area are still guaranteed using MRW, SEUR...

Spannabis 2020 est finalemement annulée et espère fêter sa XVIII édition à l’automne
by Redacción on 12/03/20

Coronavirus has taken its toll on the cannabis world. What was to be the 18th edition of SPANNABIS, the famous Barcelona Hemp and Cannabis Fair, has been cancelled. The celebration has been officially postponed until autumn 2020, with the date yet to be decided.

This has been reflected in the bulletin about this highly-celebrated event, published recently on the web and social networks by Feria del Cáñamo S.L, the...

Día Internacional de la Mujer
by Redacción on 08/03/20

Power to women! Today, International Women's Day, Kannabia joins the celebration, while positioning itself as one of the companies in the cannabis sector that has always stood out for its strong position in defense of women’s rights. We are proud of the fact that more than two thirds of our workforce is female. Also, we strictly comply with measures to help reconcile work, private and family life to promote gender...

 Lesoto, el espejismo verde
by Redacción on 02/03/20
Lesotho, a country located in southern Africa, completely surrounded by the Republic of South Africa, is known as little African Switzerland due to its orography - 70% of its territory is composed of mountains, whose heights sometimes exceed 3000 metres.

It was long-regarded as a privileged country because of its geography and resources; in fact, a 1999 study conducted by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime revealed that 70% of marijuana entering South...