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Hemp Business Day 2019: The biggest event in southern Europe about the hemp & CBD industry
by Redacción on 21/03/19
Friday, april 26th in the auditorium of Ficoba, Irun (Basque Country, Spain)

The "wave" has finally arrived to Spain. After noticing in the past few years an inquisitiveness regarding this growing sector, we welcome this 2019 to the first big Conference about the Hemp and CBD industry in Spain. Next April 26th 2019 will be held the I Edition of the ...

Expogrow sichert sich exklusiv die französische Band Danakil & The Baco All Stars für ihren einzigen Spanienauftritt
by Redacción on 01/03/19

Saturday, April 27 will be the only opportunity to see the well-known French reggae group at their only 2019 date. The concert, lasting more than two hours, will gather 17 musicians on the outdoor tent stage sponsored by Biobizz.

Expogrow, the Basque-French Cannabis Fair par excellence has changed its date and is revolutionizing its format for its 8th edition, which will take place on Friday 26, Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 April 2019. Among the many updates this year...

Cinq experts de Grèce, d'Espagne et de France s'unissent aux intervenants du premier congrès sur le chanvre et le CBD du sud de l'Europe
by Redacción on 27/02/19

The 1st edition of HEMP BUSINESS DAY will take place on Friday, April 26, as part of the Expogrow show, which for the eighth consecutive year will gather the entire cannabis and hemp industry sector at the FICOBA Arena (Irun, Euskadi) .

The list of specialists gathering on Friday, April 26 at FICOBA to participate in the first Congress of Hemp and the CBD of Southern Europe continues to expand. The Hemp Business Day presents five new panelists from Greece, France...

Medicinal cannabis in the control of chronic pain. The Canadian experience
by Redacción on 13/02/19

On the 5th of March the day "Medicinal Cannabis in the control of chronic pain, the Canadian experience" organized by the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis OEDCM will take place in the Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Madrid

The Canadian experience

The OECM is composed of researchers, doctors and patient associations that are related to the use of medicinal cannabis.

Since 2016, the OECM has been holding informative days on medicinal...

Irun accueille "Hemp Business Day 2019", l'évènement le plus important pour l'industrie du chanvre et du CBD du sud de l'Europe
by Redacción on 29/01/19
The wave has finally reached Spain. After several years hearing the concerns of this growing sector, 2019 will be the year to welcome the first major Cannabis Industry and CBD Congress to Spain. The first event will take place on April 26, 2019 and it will be called HEMP BUSINESS DAY.

This new event will take place within the framework of the Expogrow Fair, which for the eighth consecutive year will bring together the entire sector dedicated to the industry of cannabis and...

What are feminized cannabis seeds?
by Redacción on 01/03/18

Easy isn't it? but for somebody just starting out with their first home grow, it's not so simple.

Here In Europe, growers love feminized cannabis seeds for the ease and lack of waste, but in other regions regular strains have always been popular. 

Now, more and more growers in the US and Canada are discovering the benefits of feminized cannabis seeds.

Russian Doll


Fundación Daya recibe importante donación de semillas de Kannabia Seeds
by Redacción on 20/02/18

El banco de semillas Kannabia Seeds continúa apoyando a pacientes que cultivan sus propias plantas para uso medicinal, esta vez con una importante donación de semillas, beneficiando a todos aquellos que se traten dolencias y patologías con cannabis, mejorando su calidad de vida.

“Estamos felices de poder colaborar con Fundación Daya y entregar nuestras semillas de excelente calidad, para brindar apoyo a aquellos pacientes que necesitan de ellas”, afirma Zoe,..., el camino de Valencia a Santiago de Chile
by Redacción on 26/12/17

Desde Kannabia Seed Company queríamos aprovechar el espacio de nuestro blog para presentaros a algunos de nuestros colaboradores. Hoy le toca el turno a que nos ofreció la oportunidad de realizar una promoción conjunta en sus tiendas durante 2017 y a quienes queríamos felicitar por su crecimiento. 

Se trata de un grow shop joven, que con solo 6 años de vida ha conseguido establecerse en lo más alto entre...

¿Sabías como preparar esquejes correctamente?
by Redacción on 22/11/17

When people talk about cuttings or clones, they are referring to a small branch from a mother plant in the growth period, which is cut and takes root.
Many growers prefer to use cuttings instead of seeds to start their home grow, since the clones have proven genetics, and their characteristics and behaviour are a known quantity.
In order to have a supply of a trusted plant the mother plant must be maintained in a stage of vegetative growth with a photoperiod of 18 hours of light...

Qué necesitas saber para obtener una buena cosecha
by Redacción on 15/11/17

The first sign the plant gives that the time has come to cut it will be the amount of trichomes in the buds that have changed colour, usually to an orange-brown or amber colour. The optimum time to harvest marijuana would be when between 40% and 70% have changed colour, not before. It is at this time when THC levels are usually the highest. 

With the aid of a microscope we can study the color of the trichomes, if they show a whitish colour it is a sign that they are not mature.