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Vacationing in Canada: a guide to legalization for travelers - updated
by Jennawae McLean on 10/12/18

Popular Destinations:  Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara, Kingston, Prince Edward County, Muskoka

Vibe:  Super diverse cultural melting pot with lots of lakes and wine as well as cities and fine dining!  Toronto is one of North America’s largest cities and is sort of like Canada’s New York (but arguably friendlier).  In fact, the cost of film production in Canada is much less than the United States, and many popular shots of “New York” in movies are actually shot in Toronto.  Head...

Vacationing in Canada: A guide to legalization for travelers - Updated
by Jennawae McLean on 29/11/18
Newfoundland and Labrador

Popular Destinations: St. John’s, Cornerbrook, Gros Morne, Gander, Twillingate, Bonavista, L’Anse Aux Meadows.

Vibe: Super friendly with super weird accents! Canadians call this place “The Rock” and it definitely lives up to it’s name with coastlines as far as the eye can see! The accent is part of a local dialect that is a mixture of Irish, English and Scottish and completely different than any other region of Canada. It can even be difficult for other...

Viajar por Canadá:  Guía sobre legalización para viajeros
by Jennawae McLean on 10/10/18

October 17 is the day, folks! Canada will be the second country to federally legalize cannabis, and tokers everywhere will enjoy an extra special vacation destination! Because Canada has provinces and territories, when you travel to different spots, different rules will apply. The main rule in every province is that adults (age depends on province) can carry or share up to 30 grams. Most provinces are even allowing residents to grow two plants per adult per household (a maximum of four,...