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El “mulching” o colchón nutritivo
by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 19/11/19

Today, we will get to know the uses of a traditional practice that farmers, gardeners and growers have long used: mulching.

Mulching requires covering the surface of soil around your plants with an approximately 10-cm-thick layer of decomposable materials. Based on my experience, I prefer to use sterile hay, the one used for feeding rabbits. Nevertheless, if you have a big garden covered by beautiful lawn, you can use...

Cómo controlar el cultivo con otros organismos
by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 18/09/19
Nowadays, where climate change, pollution and the use of increasingly strong chemicals are making pests more and more resistant, we believe this is an extremely important topic.

When we speak about controlling the crop with other organisms or about performing a biological control, we mean controlling the crop with other organisms that are natural enemies of the pests that appear in our garden.

One of the advantages of natural control is that it’s very effective and is specific against...

Influencia de la luna en los cultivos de cannabis
by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 26/08/19
In this post we will talk about how lunar phases influence plants and what techniques can be used on each one. Biodynamic culture

Biodynamic culture is a method that has been perfected over the years, performing different tests with different types of crops. The moon influences all living things by the gravitational attraction it produces. Gradually, you will perfect these ...

Cómo trasplantar el cannabis de la manera más adecuada
by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 21/08/19
In this article we will discuss the cultivation of cannabis transplantation technique. Although it is not exact, as different gardeners can use different techniques in different crops, based on the present moment and deciding what to do in every new crop.

Personally, I don’t transplant most of my plants; only those that I have placed small flowerpots and, those that, when the flowering time comes, require a change; even having...

Enfermedades y plagas que afectan nuestro cultivo de cannabis
by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 06/08/19
There are many types of diseases and pests that plague plants. These organisms may attack the flowers, the foliage, stems or roots, which can negatively affect plant growth and development, causing a yield drop. Pathogens that attack the roots are located in the soil, awaiting optimal environmental conditions to spread.

On the contrary, pests that attack plant organs are found over the soil or substrate and can be transported by wind or rain, by other insects and even by ourselves. This is...

Hongos que pueden afectar al cultivo de cannabis
by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 24/07/19
We are going to cover types of fungi that can appear in our cannabis culture, what the conditions for them to appear are, and how we can prevent them.

Fungi are the disease most feared by growers, because they can irreversibly damage all production, having to literally throw away so many months of work. We must not only deal with the nutrition of plants, but we must also take into account factors...

Macro y micronutrientes en el cultivo de cannabis
by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 18/07/19
Cannabis, like any plant, requires a series of nutrients to be able to develop properly during all stages of its growth cycle. It is our decision to choose how to supply them, whether it is a natural organic source or some type of fertilizer. Macronutrients  NPK

Macronutrients are essential to overall plant health.

Surely you have once seen the abbreviation “NPK” (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium),...

Les trichomes dans les plantes de cannabis
by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 08/07/19
Many novice growers do not know much about these glands that are produced in the epidermis of plants. We are going to explain what are they as well as their functionalities. The trichomes in cannabis plants

They are glands that are formed in the plants epidermis and have multiple functions. They protect the plants from the presence of predators and also from the sun's rays. They also absorb water and regulate the temperature.

These trichomes secrete a sticky substance called cannabis...

Errores y problemas comunes en el cultivo de marihuana
1 Grow
by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 02/07/19

We are going to talk about the most common mistakes that some novice, and no so novice, home growers make, when it comes to cannabis gardening.

If you are already home grower and you were able to complete a crop taking your plants forward but not with the results you really expected, perhaps this guide can help you correct some cultivation techniques that will improve the results widely.

Keep in mind that the mistakes that we can comment will always affect the final result,...

Ciclos del cannabis
by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 17/06/19
Today, we will gain understanding about the photoperiod in a cannabis plant’s life cycle as they grow and develop. As we know, cannabis plant is annual and, in order to guarantee its proper growth outdoors, we must provide some particular care. To succeed, we have to clearly identify these phases to avoid failure and better control the growth of the plant. Germination 

During this first stage, the seed comes to life when these basic conditions exist: humidity, temperature and air.