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Macro y micronutrientes en el cultivo de cannabis
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by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 18/07/19
Cannabis, like any plant, requires a series of nutrients to be able to develop properly during all stages of its growth cycle. It is our decision to choose how to supply them, whether it is a natural organic source or some type of fertilizer. Macronutrients  NPK

Macronutrients are essential to overall plant health.

Surely you have once seen the abbreviation “NPK” (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium),...

Les trichomes dans les plantes de cannabis
by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 08/07/19
Many novice growers do not know much about these glands that are produced in the epidermis of plants. We are going to explain what are they as well as their functionalities. The trichomes in cannabis plants

They are glands that are formed in the plants epidermis and have multiple functions. They protect the plants from the presence of predators and also from the sun's rays. They also absorb water and regulate the temperature.

These trichomes secrete a sticky substance called cannabis...

Typische Fehler und Probleme beim Marihuana-Anbau
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by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 02/07/19

We are going to talk about the most common mistakes that some novice, and no so novice, home growers make, when it comes to cannabis gardening.

If you are already home grower and you were able to complete a crop taking your plants forward but not with the results you really expected, perhaps this guide can help you correct some cultivation techniques that will improve the results widely.

Keep in mind that the mistakes that we can comment will always affect the final result,...

Zyklen des Cannabis
by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 17/06/19
Today, we will gain understanding about the photoperiod in a cannabis plant’s life cycle as they grow and develop. As we know, cannabis plant is annual and, in order to guarantee its proper growth outdoors, we must provide some particular care. To succeed, we have to clearly identify these phases to avoid failure and better control the growth of the plant. Germination 

During this first stage, the seed comes to life when these basic conditions exist: humidity, temperature and air.

Anatomie der Cannabispflanzen
by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 10/06/19

In order to carry out a successful crop it is also essential to know the plants that we are going to plant, their parts and their determined functions.

Although various types of cannabis have been found, many of them are similar in part because of their morphological appearance. Let’s take a closer look to the parts of this plant and the function of each of them.


Cannabis belongs to the...

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by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 03/06/19
In previous articles, we saw the importance of soil for the proper development of our plants. Today we will talk a little about the composition that our substrate must have in order to be able to make a good cannabis crop in pots. The substrate 

The substrate is a homogeneous mixture of compost, pearlite, peat, sand, bark and hummus, among others. There...

Sortenauswahl für unseren Anbau
by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 27/05/19
The selection is a little used resource today among cannabis growers. As we have ever read, the concept of elite clone comes from the best genetics achieved with different cannabis plants.

We can define these elite clones as carefully selected plants from many varieties, with notable characteristics as their aroma, vigor, productivity and resistance to any type of stress.

In the world of cannabis we will find a large number of so-called elite clones. Some examples are UK Cheese (1988...

by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 10/05/19
The organisms of the soil are numerous, of different characteristics, and found in living, fertile soil. The highest concentration of these microorganisms occurs in the areas near the roots, and to allow an adequate life balance the soil must have a good structure that allows the development of the colonies. Macroorganisms 

The animals or macrofauna we find in the soil are very different from each other: mammals,...

Die Bedeutung des Bodens, auf dem wir säen werden
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by Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci on 26/04/19
Uno de los factores mas importantes a mi entender es el suelo en el cual vamos a cultivar nuestras plantas. Éste tiene que contar con una serie de requerimientos físicos y químicos para ser fértil, no podemos desestimar el suelo que es el medio natural en el que vamos a trabajar, medio vivo que crea, se transforma y evoluciona. El suelo

Podemos decir que el suelo es un microsistema que está compuesto por bacterias, hongos microorganismos, insectos y ácaros , por indicar unos ejemplos.