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Marihuana en Netflix
by Rebeca Argudo on 07/01/20
“Grass is greener’”

Interesting 2019 documentary directed by American filmmaker and hip hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy which analyses the relationship between the United States and marijuana since the beginning of its consumption, and its presence in and influence on the American music scene, (especially jazz and hip hop). It also addresses the racial issue, reflecting on how African Americans and Latinos have been much more affected by the criminalisation of this soft drug, which was introduced...

Marvel “légalise” le cannabis
by Rebeca Argudo on 29/11/19

On the cutting edge of news and current affairs, Marvel introduces the hot topic of the legalisation of marijuana in Issue #12 of its comic book saga, following the change in law in New York State last August.

The state of New York changed its stance on the possession of cannabis and has since...

Errejón y Más País: a favor de la regulación de la marihuana
by Rebeca Argudo on 27/11/19
The formation of Iñigo Errejón’s Mas País (‘More Country’), supports the integral regulation of cannabis, of legalising its use for both recreational and medicinal purposes without the need to do so in stages. 

An article published in a national newspaper in mid-October, written by Errejón himself and his Mas País colleague, Jorge Moruno, takes...