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Steve DeAngelo, el activista comprometido
by Teresa García on 01/06/21

Last January, Steve DeAngelo, probably the best-known cannabis activist on the planet, announced he was leaving Harborside, the Californian cannabis dispensary where he has worked for almost fifteen years since he started this project.

In addition to being the co-founder of Harborside, DeAngelo is also one of the founders of Steep Hill, the first analytical...

Primera solicitud a la AEMPS para autocultivo de cannabis medicinal
by Teresa García on 24/05/21

On April 20, the so-called 420 for International Marijuana Day, a press conference was held to explain the content of a new license request to the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) and also to present a new documentary trailer that will premiere next September, "Marihuana para vivir", or “Marijuana to live”, on the life of Juan Manuel Gantes, denouncing the situation of helplessness he is...

Four lies spread by Spanish Police about cannabis cultivation
by Teresa García on 17/05/21

Can cannabis buds be considered narcotics when containing THC levels lower than 0.2%? Some information sheets have been provided by police and also published in the local press maintaining this assumption, although according to Casa Paraula law firm and based on several court decisions, this wouldn’t be the case.

Casa Paraula in...

La industria del cannabis y las comunidades indígenas enfrentadas
by Teresa García on 23/04/21

In Colombia, the cannabis industry is already facing some challenges due to unforeseen effects and worrying consequences of this newly developing sector for the Indigenous peoples, who are now faced with a land deficit for their traditional crops, which undermines the ancestral sovereignty of these peoples over natural resources and becomes the reason for these communities to demand measures from the administration.

Since cultivation, processing and exporting of medical cannabis was...

El cannabis como herramienta para mejorar la sexualidad
by Teresa García on 15/04/21

Cannabis has been used for centuries by different cultures around the world to improve sexual performance. In India, where Ayurveda is the traditional and alternative medicine system, marijuana was considered a mean to increase sexual desire and combat impotence. In North Africa, like in Morocco or Egypt, cannabis has been used as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Franjo Grotenhermen,...

Cannabis sostenible
by Teresa García on 12/04/21

A new study carried out by Colorado State University researchers warns about the large carbon footprint produced by indoor cannabis cultivation. The report was released in specialized media such as National Geographic with headlines that link the increase in demand for cannabis to the high levels of greenhouse gas emissions from its production, and refer to indoor growing in particular.

The report, published in the online...

Biofuels made from cannabis waste
by Teresa García on 08/04/21

Transforming residues from industrial hemp crops into biomass and raw materials… That is the objective of a new research project in Argentina, called “Thermochemical conversion processes for the treatment of Cannabis sativa cultivation waste and the manufacture of therapeutic products” and launched by the Grupo de Investigaciones en Aplicaciones Catalíticas, or Research Group in Catalytic Applications (GIAC), related to the INCAPE, or Research Institute in Catalysis and Petrochemistry, an...

La industria del cannabis ya ha generado más de 320.000 puestos de trabajo en EE. UU.
by Teresa García on 26/03/21

At this current time, there are already more workers in the United States legal cannabis industry than electrical engineers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) or paramedics, and more than twice as dentists. According to the latest Cannabis Jobs Report released by cannabis resource and marketplace Leafly and the business economic consulting firm...

¿Son las empresas de cannabis un objetivo para los miembros de Reddit?
by Teresa García on 19/03/21

When a group of retail investors decides, on the popular social media Reddit, to make a mass investment that caused the price of GameStop's shares to rise, Wall Street was shaken. What the trading community users called a "class war" against big hedge funds made Melvil Capital vulture fund to lose more than 6,000 million dollars at the end of January for betting against the...

CBD suministrado a enfermos graves de COVID-19
by Teresa García on 17/03/21
A new study conducted by the Klagenfurt Hospital in Austria shows that treatments containing cannabidiol can help in the speedy recovery of severe COVID-19 patients. According to the researchers of this study, the 50 patients admitted to the intensive care unit of this hospital, and who have been administered the treatment, have seen reduced the...