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Extremadura crea el primer centro industrial de cáñamo como vía para regenerar zonas rurales
by Teresa García on 07/01/21
Badajoz will become the hemp capital of Spain after the inauguration of the Hemp Technological Pole last October 13, a research complex which aims to become the reference center in the study of the industrial uses of this plant.

"Given the current exceptional situation due to the global health crisis, it is very likely that the economic recession will worsen in the coming years and this will require to come up with concrete responses...

El Parlamento de Canarias apoya una regulación para facilitar el acceso al cannabis medicinal
by Teresa García on 10/12/20
Last September 30th, the Plenary of the Parliament of the Canary Islands gave its unanimous support on the adoption of a new regulation to facilitate legal access to medicinal cannabis, according to the newspaper La Provincia based in Las Palmas. During the plenary session, the legislative...
L’état du Nevada rétablit les droits civils de 15.000 personnes condamnées pour possession de marijuana
by Teresa García on 25/11/20
The US state of Nevada has pardoned more than 15,000 people convicted of the minor offence of possession of marijuana between 1986 and 2017. Approved unanimously by the state’s Board of Pardons, the measure affects all those convicted of possession of up to one ounce (28.35 grams) of marijuana during those years.

"Today is an historic day for those who were convicted of what has long been considered a trivial crime and is now legal under Nevada law," Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said in a...

Albert Tió entra en prisión por formar parte de la directiva de la asociación cannábica Airam
by Teresa García on 20/11/20
Albert Tió, activista cannábico y miembro de la Federació d’Associacions Cannàbiques Autoregulades de Catalunya, ha entrado en prisión junto con otros tres miembros de la junta directiva de la asociación de consumidores de cannabis Airam. Según él mismo ha publicado en su perfil en la red social Twitter, desde el 18...
Argentina aprueba el reglamento que regula el autocultivo de cannabis medicinal y la venta de aceites
by Teresa García on 17/11/20
Since last November 12, consumers of medical marijuana in Argentina can legally obtain this substance. According to the new legislation that was approved on November 11, Decree 883/202, people’s access to this plant will be exclusively intended for research and medical use. The new legal text sets the standards and requirements for the use of cannabis for medical...
Suiza aprueba poner en marcha un proyecto piloto de distribución de cannabis recreativo
by Teresa García on 12/11/20
In September, the Swiss State Council approved a proposal for a pilot project for the distribution of recreational cannabis in the country. The project, in which only marijuana consumers with demonstrable experience can participate, aims to analyse the effects of a possible legalisation of the plant in Switzerland, check how the...
Eine kolumbianische Firma entwickelt ein Cannabis-Extrakt, das zu 62% gegen das Coronavirus schützt
by Teresa García on 09/11/20
The Colombian company Pideka and the University of Antioquia are developing a cannabis extract aimed at preventing the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19; the latest tests to be carried out achieved an effectiveness of 62%.

In an interview with Forbes, the company's technical director Martha...

Sechs Bundesstaaten der USA legalisieren bei den Wahlen Freizeit-Cannabis, medizinisches Cannabis und andere Substanzen
by Teresa García on 09/11/20
This Election Day in the United States will be also remembered as the day when four new states legalized cannabis for recreational use. Mississippi has done so for medical cannabis, and Oregon and the city of Washington have given the green light to decriminalization of other types of controlled substances. Moreover, South Dakota, Arizona, Montana and New Jersey decided to put on the ballot last November 3rd presidential Election Day seeking the approval of the citizens in a referendum vote to...
Paraguay, a un paso de despenalizar el consumo y el autocultivo de cannabis medicinal
by Teresa García on 05/11/20
Today, the decision to legalize the self-consumption and homegrown of medicinal cannabis in Paraguay is in the hands of its president, Mario Abdo Benitez. Last August, the Chamber of Deputies of this South American nation, which initially rejected the proposal, did not gather a majority of votes to get the rejection of the bill passed. The draft law was thus approved by the Senate and now its fate will be decided by...
Dos iniciativas legislativas vuelven a poner sobre la mesa la legalización del cannabis en Colombia
by Teresa García on 02/11/20
Change the Constitution or pass a law regulating the recreational use of cannabis: these are the two options that are back on the table in Colombia. In 2015, the Latin American country approved medical marijuana (which more than 60 authorised...