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60% der Bevölkerung von Arizona unterstützen die Legalisierung von Freizeit-Cannabis
by Teresa García on 31/10/20
Released in July, a poll conducted by the sociological studies company OH Predictive indicates that 62% of the population of Arizona would support the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use. This is 9% higher than results shown by the same survey in December when just over half of the population said "Yes" to the plant.

The US state of Arizona now has a bill on the table which citizens will vote on in November. If it’s passed,...

CBDA y THCA: los ácidos originales que superan en potencia al THC y CBD
by Teresa García on 29/10/20
After THC and CBD, the pharmaceutical industry has also decided to start studying the possible pharmaceutical uses of the precursor acids of the two best-known compounds in cannabis.

CBDA is the acid originally found in cannabis that acts as a precursor to CBD after a decarbonisation...

La promesa de legalización del cannabis del Partido Demócrata pierde fuelle con Biden
by Teresa García on 26/10/20
"Meaningless". This is how some important figures in the American cannabis sector defined the cannabis policy of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden when interviewed by the website Marijuana Moment. Biden’s position has moved far from Bernie Sanders’s, his former rival to become the Democratic...
Canadá bloquea las importaciones de cannabis medicinal
by Teresa García on 23/10/20

Cannabis imported into Canada “may not be sold to provinces, territories or medical clients.” This is stated in the cannabis import permit issued by the Canadian Department of Health to one of the companies in this country. Published by the Marijuana Business Daily website, the document shows the...

Holland startet ein Experiment zur Kontrolle der Versorgungskette seiner Coffeeshops
by Teresa García on 20/10/20

Sale and consumption allowed but production and distribution prohibited: this has been the Dutch cannabis system for 40 years. According to various municipalities, this legislative contradiction has led to problems of order and public health. To fix the situation, the Dutch government has launched an experiment in which several controlled producers will be in charge of supplying marijuana to...

¿Puede el cannabis ayudar a prevenir o combatir el coronavirus? Entre la esperanza, la publicidad y el bulo
by Teresa García on 16/10/20
After five months of the pandemic, more than 26 million people testing positive for coronavirus and about 870,000 deaths worldwide, the main objective of the scientific and pharmaceutical sector globally is to find a vaccine and cure for Covid-19. Dozens of existing have been tested for the treatment of this disease, including Remdesivir (initially marketed by Gilead for the treatment of...
Argentina legalizará el autocultivo de cannabis medicinal
by Teresa García on 13/10/20
Argentina’s Ministry of Health has presented the draft of the regulation to legalise the self-cultivation of therapeutic marijuana and the sale of cannabis oils in pharmacies. Minister Ginés González García’s announcement on 15th July to cannabis organisations, doctors, teachers and...
Is the US Attorney General crusading against the marijuana industry?
by Teresa García on 12/10/20
In 2019, almost a third of the merger investigations conducted by the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice targeted the cannabis industry. John Elias, an antitrust employee, alleged that this amounted to 10 investigations by this office last year. Elias caused a scandal at the end of June by stating that the persecution of the cannabis industry from this division was related to the animosity that William Barr, the current US Attorney General, has towards the plant.


Deutschland öffnet seine Türen für medizinisches Cannabis aus Spanien
by Teresa García on 09/10/20
From the end of August, German companies will have been able to import medicinal cannabis produced in Spain. According to Voz Populi’s announcement on 13th August, the Federal Institute of Drugs and Medical Devices of Germany (the equivalent of AEMPS, the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices...
« Le secteur des entreprises ne rigole pas quand on lui parle de cannabis parce qu’il y voit une ouverture économique »
by Teresa García on 07/10/20
“The debate is not about whether it will be done or not, but about how,” stresses deputy of Podemos Lucía Muñoz Dalda on the legalisation of the production, distribution, sale and consumption of cannabis. At 27 years old and originally from Palma de Mallorca, Muñoz is the youngest deputy of Podemos, the spokesperson for the Joint Commission for the Study of the Problem of Addictions, and one of the people in Podemos who is actively...