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Zambia legaliza el cultivo de cannabis medicinal con una ley que excluye a los pequeños agricultores
by Teresa García on 23/03/20
The Government of Zambia has approved the cultivation of marijuana for export and medicinal use while upholding the prohibition of consumption and possession, which are punishable by up to two years in jail. The measure, unanimously approved at a special cabinet meeting held on December 4th and made public via a statement on December 17th, aims to boost the economy of this African country, making Zambia the fourth...
High Times n’entre pas à Spannabis
by Teresa García on 09/03/20
"There is no relationship or collaboration between Spannabis and High Times." The clarification, published in Cannabis Magazine (owned by Feria del Cáñamo SL) at the beginning of February was the response given to news published in High Times. This news claimed that the...
Die OECCC präsentiert den politischen Parteien ihren Vorschlag für ein Gesetz zum Medizinischen Cannabis
by Teresa García on 10/01/20
The European Observatory on the Consumption and Cultivation of Cannabis (OECCC) has already set out its proposal for a law on medicinal and therapeutic cannabis, a text that they have included in a book published in September entitled Law of Medicinal and Therapeutic Cannabis. It is a working document, which will be presented in the forthcoming months to...
Un centenar de personas protestan en Rangún para reclamar la legalización del cannabis
by Teresa García on 17/12/19
Flags with the marijuana leaf and posters that displayed phrases such as "Cannabis Saves lives" and "There is No Jail for a Plant" filled the Mahabandoola Park in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar until 2006. One hundred people attended the first protest for the legalisation of cannabis in this country.

"There are thousands of...