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We Are Mary Jane: Mujeres y cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 16/10/18

“I want every woman to know that there’s a place for you in this industry, and there will never be a better time to find it” - Jane West, founder of Women Grow in 2017.

This summer, Amsterdam’s Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum presents: We are Mary Jane: Women of Cannabis - an exhibition which explores the role of women in the world of cannabis. “From prehistoric times to the present day, the Museum pays tribute to the often overlooked female contribution in the history of the world’s most versatile plant.” we read on the website. If you don’t pass by the city of tulips and coffee shops during that time, don’t worry, from March 2019 you will also get the chance to visit it in our Spanish homage, The Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum, Barcelona.

Times are changing

The demands of the feminists began ...

IV Séminaire International de Cannabis Médicinal de la  Fondation Daya
by Laura Rueda on 11/10/18

Los próximos días 12 y 13 de octubre se celebra una cita muy importante para conocer las últimas noticias e investigaciones sobre el cannabis medicinal. La comunidad médica científica, las organizaciones ligadas al cannabis medicinal, parlamentarios, pacientes y profesionales de la salud de distintos países hispanoamericanos podrán asistir al IV Seminario Internacional de Cannabis Medicinal de Fundación Daya.

Pocas citas nos...

Viajar por Canadá:  Guía sobre legalización para viajeros
by Jennawae McLean on 10/10/18

October 17 is the day, folks! Canada will be the second country to federally legalize cannabis, and tokers everywhere will enjoy an extra special vacation destination! Because Canada has provinces and territories, when you travel to different spots, different rules will apply. The main rule in every province is that adults (age depends on province) can carry or share up to 30 grams. Most provinces are even allowing residents to grow two plants per adult per household (a maximum of four,...

"Hemos dado a la mujer el lugar que se merece en este gremio", Kannabia Seed Company cumple 10 años
by Laura Rueda on 03/10/18

Kannabia Team

Kannabia Seed Company turns 10! Carlos Gardel said that 20 years is nothing and for us this tenth anniversary has flown by. It must be because we never stopped moving forward and so wonderful things happened. We began working towards a dream and we have seen over the course of this time how our favourite plant has begun to gain a foothold in the therapeutic and recreational markets. We spoke to Zoe, manager at Kannabia Seed...

LSD Flashbacks, la autobiografía del Apóstol del LSD, Timothy Leary
by Laura Rueda on 03/10/18

“They arrested me in a military reserve, West Point, New York, the night of the 17th January 1920. The day before, alcohol had become an illegal drug.”

LSD Flashbacks, Timothy Leary.

Summer is the season when many people prefer to read. Finally we find that coveted time to lie in the hammock, or under a sunshade, and get our teeth (or even better, our eyes) into that book we`ve been wanting to read for ages. We,...

Sudáfrica legaliza el consumo y cultivo de cannabis en el ámbito privado
by Laura Rueda on 28/09/18

Until Tuesday, September 18, 2018, South Africa had a law that prohibited the private consumption of cannabis. Yes, it's like someone forbidding you to eat chocolate in your room. Yesterday the Constitutional Court, located in Johannesburg, declared that this law and another that said that marijuana could not be cultivated at home were unconstitutional and, therefore, declared them null and void. This South African ruling, for obvious reasons, is historical.

Kannabia, prix d’honneur à la VII Expogrow International Cannabis Cup
by Laura Rueda on 24/09/18

Last Friday, September 14th  the Expogrow VII International Cannabis Cup for professionals was held, the latest edition of the prized trophy for professionals, the black sheep Beltzi. In Kannabia we are delighted and very honoured to have received first prize in the Best Sativa category "Franco Loja Special Prize" with our Colombian Jack. Our...

Finland on the move towards cannabis legalization
by Laura Rueda on 18/09/18

The increasing popularity of medical cannabis and efforts of young politicians to abolish prohibition laws – despite the general image of repression against cannabis and other drugs in Finland, this is where this Nordic country stands today.

In 1960s, Finland – along with the rest of the world – signed the United Nations’Single convention on drugs and adopted a relatively strict prohibition. Since then Finland and the whole of...

Los países más seguros para disfrutar de unas vacaciones cannábicas
by Laura Rueda on 14/09/18

A few months ago I interviewed a person who was following a cannabis treatment for her illness. She told me that she and her family had passed a few terrible months until they came up with a reliable diagnosis and a medicine that could alleviate the symptoms she was suffering. The cannabis was helping her enormously. The next step was to find a place where she could disconnect, after a tough time. However, the destination needed to fulfill a basic requirement, to be a safe place,...

Third strongest political party in Czech Republic introduces cannabis legalization bill
by Lukas Hurt on 05/09/18

In a groundbreaking move, the Pirate Party introduced a new piece of legislation in the Lower House of the Czech Parliament on Friday, August 31st.  The bill would – if it becomes law – legalize home growing of up to five plants per person, possession of 1,250 grams of dried cannabis at home and the carrying of up to 30 grams. Using in public, selling, gifting, etc. will be still prohibited and this bill also does not include the creation and regulation of a commercial...

Australia dice SÍ al uso medicinal del cannabis y NO a su uso recreativo
by Laura Rueda on 08/08/18

Recreational cannabis is prohibited in Australia, but its medicinal use has been legal since February 2016, although patients needing the plant for therapeutic reasons have encountered many issues when it comes to actually accessing it. In 2017 its cultivation was approved, and just this year, 2018, the export of Australian cannabis products was approved.

In this post we´ll tell you more about the cannabis situation in this country of Oceania.