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El cáñamo como superalimento
by Rebeca Argudo on 14/05/21

Today, modern society tends to break down prejudices towards cannabis and are willing to try the increasingly broader range of hemp-derived products that are being manufactured, commercialized and therefore made available to consumers. Cannabis seeds is a product that has indeed gained numerous followers and can now be easily found in traditional and online stores. These seeds are generating great interest for both...

New prospects for cannabis legalization in Spain
by Rebeca Argudo on 30/04/21

In Spain, social demands and activism in support of cannabis legalization dates back some thirty years. Already at that time, pioneering organizations in the defense of cannabis users and the promotion of the study of this plant called for the decriminalization of marijuana consumption and home cultivation, as was the case with the ARSEC, or Asociación Ramón Santos de Estudios sobre el...

La legendaria cepa de Bob Marley
by Rebeca Argudo on 27/04/21

During the second half of the 20th century, Jamaica enjoyed widespread fame as a landmark destination for cannabis culture in the world. The island’s special features, with fertile soils and warm tropical climate, provided the ideal growing environment for marijuana cultivation, with plants endowed by nature with a remarkable strength and rapid growth. In addition, the island has been considered the cradle...

La industria del cannabis y las comunidades indígenas enfrentadas
by Teresa García on 23/04/21

In Colombia, the cannabis industry is already facing some challenges due to unforeseen effects and worrying consequences of this newly developing sector for the Indigenous peoples, who are now faced with a land deficit for their traditional crops, which undermines the ancestral sovereignty of these peoples over natural resources and becomes the reason for these communities to demand measures from the administration.

Since cultivation, processing and exporting of medical cannabis was...

A court rules in Spain that home cultivation of 1,116 plants is legal
by Rebeca Argudo on 20/04/21

Aritza Alunda has more than 20 granular cell myoblastomas, a type of benign tumor for which she has been considered to have a permanent incapacity for work. Some years ago, she decided to go live in a small country house in the Pasiego valleys in the northern region of Cantabria, where she dedicated herself to growing marijuana plants that she uses to make...

El cannabis como herramienta para mejorar la sexualidad
by Teresa García on 15/04/21

Cannabis has been used for centuries by different cultures around the world to improve sexual performance. In India, where Ayurveda is the traditional and alternative medicine system, marijuana was considered a mean to increase sexual desire and combat impotence. In North Africa, like in Morocco or Egypt, cannabis has been used as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Franjo Grotenhermen,...

Cannabis sostenible
by Teresa García on 12/04/21

A new study carried out by Colorado State University researchers warns about the large carbon footprint produced by indoor cannabis cultivation. The report was released in specialized media such as National Geographic with headlines that link the increase in demand for cannabis to the high levels of greenhouse gas emissions from its production, and refer to indoor growing in particular.

The report, published in the online...

Biofuels made from cannabis waste
by Teresa García on 08/04/21

Transforming residues from industrial hemp crops into biomass and raw materials… That is the objective of a new research project in Argentina, called “Thermochemical conversion processes for the treatment of Cannabis sativa cultivation waste and the manufacture of therapeutic products” and launched by the Grupo de Investigaciones en Aplicaciones Catalíticas, or Research Group in Catalytic Applications (GIAC), related to the INCAPE, or Research Institute in Catalysis and Petrochemistry, an...

México legaliza el cannabis
by Rebeca Argudo on 30/03/21

On March 10, the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Mexican Congress, passes a bill that will regulate recreational use of cannabis, after an extensive process that has lasted more than two years and during which its medical use has been decriminalized. With 316 votes in favor, 129 against and 23 abstentions, the...

La industria del cannabis ya ha generado más de 320.000 puestos de trabajo en EE. UU.
by Teresa García on 26/03/21

At this current time, there are already more workers in the United States legal cannabis industry than electrical engineers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) or paramedics, and more than twice as dentists. According to the latest Cannabis Jobs Report released by cannabis resource and marketplace Leafly and the business economic consulting firm...