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Arturo Serra & José Carra Duet at Knnb Live
by Rober Salas on 28/09/21

Starting today, Kannabia is beginning a series of live concerts broadcast by Knnb Live with a first collaboration: Arturo Serra & José Carra Duet, a live performance to kick off a new virtual space dedicated to artistic creation and expression and combining music and cannabis culture.

Knnb Live stands on the side of that notorious number of artists who have supported, with different forms of activism, the legalization of cultivation and medicinal use of this true gift of nature....

Iniciativa Eraikiz
by Teresa García on 26/11/21
Cannabis associations in the Basque Country, a region in northern Spain, demand new regulations to allow home growing of cannabis for social supply.

The demanded new regulation is intended to let cannabis associations and social clubs produce their own cannabis, and therefore they will not be forced to turn to the black market to get their regular supply. This is the new claim made by most of cannabis-related organizations in this region. On November 5, there was a meeting at the Miramar...

Fallece Antonio Escohotado. Descanse en paz, maestro…
by Redacción on 23/11/21

Kannabia Seeds quiere comunicar su gran tristeza por el fallecimiento en Ibiza, este pasado domingo, con ochenta años de edad, del célebre filósofo, ensayista y profesor universitario Antonio Escohotado, uno de los mayores defensores de la legalización de las drogas en España, y sobradamente conocido por libros como Historia general de las drogas, El espíritu de la comedia, Aprendiendo de las drogas: usos y abusos, prejuicios y desafíos, y El espíritu del libertino, entre una veintena de...

Cannamuffins de arándanos
by Redacción on 15/11/21
Welcome to the new blog section of our website, Kannabist friends!

Cannabis cuisine is booming and gaining unprecedented popularity, as many other uses of this plant are, in this time. Since we didn’t want to be left behind when it comes to bringing the best information possible, we are launching this new section of the blog dedicated exclusively to the preparation of the best cannabis recipes so we can enjoy another of the multiple uses of marijuana.

One of the best ways to include...

La legalización del cannabis recreativo, entre los consensos de la posible coalición de gobierno en Alemania
by Teresa García on 11/11/21

For Karl Lauterbach, the idea that recreational cannabis was legal was something that he couldn’t understand until recently. But he’s changed his mind and, as he has told  German regional media, he’s done so because of his experience as a doctor. Lauterbach, a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) is the name that sounds most likely to take up the health...

Umfassendes Cannabis-Gesetz in Spanien
by Rebeca Argudo on 05/11/21

On September 27, the Más País-Equo formation registered a bill in the Congress of Deputies that equates the consumption of cannabis to that of tobacco.

Change of current regulations

In this legislation, which would declare all uses of cannabis, including recreational use of cannabis, "free", consumption in public areas is decriminalised...

La energía “metal” de Hora Zulú irrumpe en la segunda entrega de Knnb Live
by Redacción on 02/11/21

Kannabia continues with its online concert programme on Knnb’s Live channel.

Hora Zulú, the alternative metal band from Granada formed in 2000, is the star of this new installment.

Knnb Live was presented to the international digital public a few weeks ago with the concert of Arturo Serra & José Carra Duet, who inaugurated this new space dedicated to creation and artistic...

Halloweed y los munchies
by Carmen Arriaza on 29/10/21
What are munchies? And how they do relate to cannabis?

The munchies in slang, mean hunger, an special craving for sweets or snacks, suffering from the munchies. It comes from the English verb “to munch” which means chewing noisily, as the noise ”munch, munch…”. After consuming marihuana you get that sensation of hunger, what is well known as “munchies”. This word have been used widely in the cannabis jargon since the 70s, when...

Plagas y enfermedades en la marihuana
by Redacción on 26/10/21
We know how much time and effort you put into your home grow, how disastrous diseases and pest infestation can be and how quickly this can ruin the progress achieved so far. To prevent this from happening, we have put together this useful short guide to help you detect plant pathologies and prevent eventual attacks by pests. Don’t miss a thing! The Two Most Common Marihuana Pests

As most crops, cannabis is also exposed to great threats that can be identified and controlled. Next, we will...

De las rosas al cannabis medicinal
by Teresa García on 22/10/21
Hope combined with uncertainty and skepticism. This is how the 246 workers that make up Aleia Roses feel, according to Miguel Ángel Brezmes, head of Industrial and Institutional Policy for the trade union Comisiones Obreras (CC. OO.) in the northern region of Castilla y León.

The company is located in the municipality of Garray in the province of Soria, with only 700 inhabitants, up until recently, was...