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La industria cannábica busca envases fuera de China
by Rebeca Argudo on 10/09/20
Due to coronavirus, what at first seemed like a problem for the cannabis industry - the shortage of products made in China - has finally become a business opportunity for other companies involved in the production of packaging that are based in countries such...
USA cataloga la marihuana como producto esencial
by Rebeca Argudo on 07/09/20
With the start of confinement to try to alleviate the effects of the Coronavirus and stop its advancement, governments have logically kept open those establishments that supply essential products. Food, fuel and medicine (among other products classified as basic necessities) should be available to citizens at all times.

Extraordinarily, the United States government authorised that...

Líbano, primera nación árabe en legalizar el cannabis
by Rebeca Argudo on 27/08/20
At the end of last April, the bill for the legalisation of cannabis cultivation for medicinal purposes was approved in the Lebanese Parliament. The approval was met with objection of the Shiite Hezbollah militia party as well as several independent parliamentarians who were also opposed to legalisation. Despite this, the approval went ahead.

Up until now, the sale, consumption and...

Las ferias de cannabis canceladas por el coronavirus
by Rebeca Argudo on 24/08/20
The health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has had a great impact on the global economy. Of course, this crisis has also had an impact on the cannabis industry and on the celebration of cannabis fairs that had already been scheduled.

These are some of the fairs that have been postponed or directly cancelled this season:


This year, Cannabis Europe – the event organisers - have been unable to celebrate the Expogrow fair, the great cannabis festival that takes place in...

Le surprenant secret de beauté de J. Lo
by Rebeca Argudo on 21/08/20

Renowned international star Jennifer López has always been a beauty in every sense of the word. Even now, at 50 years old, she looks unbeatable. What’s her secret?

Well, the surprising beauty secret of J. Lo is none other than the use of a natural Botox composed of biotulin and cannabis, the most evident effects of which are firm wrinkle-free skin and reduced bags and dark circles.

Malawi legaliza el cannabis medicinal e industrial para sustituir el cultivo de tabaco
by Teresa García on 20/08/20
The Government of Malawi has approved a bill legalising cannabis for medicinal and industrial use, making it the fourth African country to follow in line after Zimbabwe, Zambia and Lesotho,...
Alexis Ponce: "They want to make medicinal cannabis in Ecuador a business."
by Teresa García on 14/08/20
Since June in Ecuador, it’s been possible to produce and sell cannabis for therapeutic and industrial purposes. Consumption will continue to await the reform of the Organic Comprehensive Criminal Code (COIP) — the Ecuadorian equivalent of the Spanish Penal Code. As announced in a press conference in May by Andrés Luque, Undersecretary of the Ecuadorian Ministry of...
Nueva Zelanda somete a referéndum la regulación del cannabis, ¿qué dice la propuesta de ley?
by Roberto Kannabia on 04/08/20
"Do you support the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill?" The 4.8 million people who make up the population of New Zealand will answer this question on 19th September. In addition to the general election on this date, the country will vote in a referendum on the regulation of cannabis and euthanasia, two issues prompting much debate in societies...
La crisis del coronavirus da impulso a Aurora Cannabis, pero sus cuentas siguen siendo un desastre
by Teresa García on 27/07/20
The coronavirus crisis has served the giants of the international cannabis market well. Or at least that's how it’s been for Aurora Cannabis, second in the industry in global level turnover. Founded in 2004 in Ontario, Canada, the company has recovered a good part of the market value that it lost in the last fourteen months. In May, its shares on the New York Stock Exchange increased by 158% after the financial results of its third fiscal...
¿Cuál es la postura de los 53 Estados que decidirán si la ONU rebaja la fiscalización del cannabis?
by Teresa García on 23/07/20
The UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) has once again postponed the decision to lower cannabis control until December of this year. Based on the recommendation made by the World Health Organization in October 2018, the decision would mean removing the plant from Schedule IV of the most dangerous substances (...