Canadian Patients are now allowed to grow cannabis at home

Canadian Patients are now allowed to grow cannabis at home

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A new regulation in Canada has made it possible for Canadian patients to grow cannabis at home. They can do so – always a “limited amount” –  since last August the 24th. The “Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations” was announced by Canada’s public health department one month ago, scoring a worldwide milestone in the legal use of therapeutic cannabis.

To therapeutical cannabis users around the world, a proposal like the Canadian one means a huge improvement to their health, and on the other hand, a very important matter, a relief for their wallets. By growing marijuana at home, they are in charge of choosing the best strains, those that will ease their pains and relieve their symptoms the most. As a plus, they won’t have to spend huge amounts of money to obtain their medication.

This new rule allows patients to grow two plants outdoors and up to five plants indoors. Patients can register by submitting an application to Health Canada. They can grow their own cannabis or designate another person to cultivate for them. The third option for all those interested is to continue to access quality-controlled cannabis by registering with licensed producers.

According to the legal text, an individual who requires cannabis for medical purposes must first get a medical document from an authorized health care practitioner. So the role for medicine professionals in Canada stills pretty much the same. In the license, they should include data and information similar to a prescription, like the period of use (up to one year), and a daily quantity of dried marijuana expressed in grams.

So what about cannabis recreational use?

This new guidelines apply only to medical cannabis, Health Canada made it clear. Storefronts selling marijuana, commonly known dispensaries, and compassion clubs are not authorized to sell cannabis for medical or any other purposes.

At Lift website you can consult a list with Licensed Medical Marijuana Producers in Canada

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