Cannabis may be useful in adults with epilepsy according to a survey

Cannabis may be useful in adults with epilepsy according to a survey

By: IACM Medical

The use of cannabis may improve seizure control in adult patients with epilepsy. Scientists of the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences of Western University in London, Ontario, Canada, published a survey with 292 patients suffering from epileptic seizures, from psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES), and with both epileptic and PNES. Their age ranged from 27 to 49 years, and 57.2% were women. Epilepsy was documented in 190, PNES in 64, and both types of seizures in 26.

Overall, 166 (57%) had tried cannabis, and 36.2% used it over the past year. Improvement in seizures was perceived by 84% in those with epilepsy and 72.7% in those with PNES. In the 2 groups, stress was decreased in 84.9% and 88%, sleep improved in 77.3% and 88%, and memory/concentration was better in 32% and 28%, respectively. Antiepileptic drug side effects were decreased in 53.2% of cannabis users. Authors wrote that “patients with uncontrolled epilepsy or nonepileptic events had a high rate of marijuana use with associated perceived improvements in seizure control, stress, sleep, and drug side effects.”

Check the study here.

Source: http://www.cannabis-med.org/english/bulletin/iacm.php

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