Cannabis products for well nourished and healthy skin

Cannabis products for well nourished and healthy skin

By: Laura Rueda Medical

Cannabis is so normalized in some countries that their citizens have already started to introduce it into their routine, in the pantry, as edibles; in the medicine cabinet, in the different forms of therapeutic cannabis; and even amongst their toiletries in the form of beauty and skincare items. In this post we review some brands that are free from chemical products and will leave your skin beautifully hydrated.

“Made from Dirt” cannabis balsams

The main mission of this American brand is to ensure that the largest organ of our body, the skin, has the nutrition that it needs and deserves. The most important thing for Made from Dirt is the use of organic ingredients; free of parabens and animal cruelty. The team that created it realized that many of the products we have at home contain chemicals we should not even touch, let alone apply to our skin.

This brand works with natural ingredients with different properties, depending on the range we choose.  “Balsam for a Dream” is made with 100 mg of CBD, chamomile, cedar wood and lavender, for deeply soothing effects. For best results it only needs applying to the temples, the wrists and under the nose to carry us away to the land of dreams

Another of the star products of Made from dirt is “Stretch Mark Salve“, which promises to help eliminate the appearance of scars and promote general dermatological well-being. This balm contains 100 mg of CBD, in addition to special ingredients to cure the skin like vitamin E, shea butter, eucalyptus and tamanu oil.

Cannabis products for well nourished and healthy skin

“Peppermint Pain Salve” fights aching muscles and stiff joints with a synergistic combination of analgesics for pain and peppermint, plus 100 mg of CBD. Finally, Sunflower Salve is perfect for damaged or aged skin. This balm takes advantage of the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of sunflowers and combines them with CBD. It also includes cannabidiol, sunflower and lemongrass.

Naturel Désir

For this Barcelona brand, CBD is wellbeing and beauty and that is why this cannabinoid is the main ingredient of its creams. Naturel Désir aims to promote the most intimate experiences through good health. That’s why its products enhance natural and sensual pleasures between people. Products can be ordered within Spain without additional transportation costs, and an additional cost of €2 to the Balearic Islands.

Cannabis products for well nourished and healthy skin

The secret of Naturel Désir is the combination of different types of plants, to make the products effective, and enhance enjoyment and well-being, especially in women. Although the prominent plant is cannabis Sativa, and particularly one of its most popular cannabinoids, CBD. Relief of menstrual pain and the stimulation of pleasure, these are the promises offered by their drops and gels.

The positive effects of cannabis are increasingly well known when it comes to relieving menstrual pain. Menstrual Relief is a sublingual product that combines 100% natural products to relieve pain and balance estrogen and hormones, in addition to alleviating the swelling and reducing migraines during the menstrual cycle. Its composition includes CBD, which helps with pain, and inflammation; ginger, which relieves nausea, in addition to reducing the stomach and belly pain associated with menstruation, and the cramps that we suffer during the premenstrual phase; It also contains chamomile, cinnamon, oregano, mandarin and strawberry.

Cannabis products for well nourished and healthy skin

Naturel Désir also has a product that prolongs the sensation of pleasure, until over time it grows stronger, producing numerous small orgasms, before reaching one intense definitive climax. This is CBD Pleasure Gel, which combines a series of plants historically used as aphrodisiacs. Properties include cocoa, which increases the feeling of well-being in the brain; cardamom, which stimulates the nervous system and reactivates sexual desire; cinnamon, cardamom, mint, which has refreshing properties and functions as an exciter of the genital organs; Cannabis Sativa and CBD, which acts as a sensory stimulant and emotional disinhibitor, in addition to increasing the perception of temperature, taste, touch and visual perception.

A small glimpse

This is just a small sample of everything that the cannabis cosmetic market is starting to offer us. A small glimpse into a large world of possibilities, there to be explored and discovered, as the path to regulation advances, always hand in hand with what science shows us about the benefits of cannabis.


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