Common mistakes and problems when growing marijuana

Common mistakes and problems when growing marijuana

By: Dra. Weed - Anita Bucci Grow

We are going to talk about the most common mistakes that some novice, and no so novice, home growers make, when it comes to cannabis gardening.

If you are already home grower and you were able to complete a crop taking your plants forward but not with the results you really expected, perhaps this guide can help you correct some cultivation techniques that will improve the results widely.

Keep in mind that the mistakes that we can comment will always affect the final result, affecting the potency, the aromas and the flavours… Very important elements when evaluating the cannabis flower.

As we have already stated in previous articles, we are always going to begin with what we want to cultivate and what we want to cultivate. To know what is grown and its purpose is essential to know what we want to achieve in our final product!

Cannabis cultivation planning

The most frequent error that can be observed in those who have just started with the crop is the lack of planning. It is essential to make an inspection of the place where we are going to place the plants; if it is interior, we must know how to organise it correctly from the beginning and not start germinating and assemble the tent right afterwards. If it is outside, we should study the place, and if it is going to be on direct ground, we must provide a protected space in case of storm.

Common mistakes and problems when growing marijuana

ALWAYS PREVENT avoids errors that can lower the quality of the final product.

The selection of the substrate for the cultivation of cannabis

A frequent error is to be unaware of what type of substrate is the one that we should use for cannabis plants. Many home growers usually place any soil without knowing what type it is or what pH it has, this being an important factor when growing. We must ALWAYS provide the plants, and from the beginning, with a prepared substrate, rich in nutrients and with a controlled pH so that its development is correct from the first stage.

Common mistakes and problems when growing marijuana

Excess irrigation in the crop

Very often the home growers irrigate in excess, to over protect the plant giving watering it without measure. This is one of the most common mistakes. Excess water in the substrate will cause the root to literally drown and die, not being able to do anything once this happens. Therefore, try to bury your finger deep in the substrate away from the stem and if it comes out dirty, it means that your substrate is still wet; in this case, you will not have to water, and if instead, it comes out dry that will be an indication that you have to do a watering. This does not mean you should allow the substrate to dry, because the life in it will die.

Balance is another essential part in the task of gardening. As our cannabis plants grow, we will increase the amount of irrigation water. Personally, outdoors and in the middle of summer, I usually water very early in the morning, and then, at noon, if it requires it (intense days of heat and wind) and, finally, when the sun goes down, always observing whether the plant requires it.

Common mistakes and problems when growing marijuana

About fertilisation in the cultivation of marijuana

Another of the most common errors is the excess of nutrients from the beginning of the plant life. There is an obsession for wanting to feed the plant with fertilizer as soon as the plant gets its first pair of real leaves. Personally, I recommend making a good base substrate; I think it is a very important point in the base of a good crop. If the foundations are good, the plant will develop a good structure without having to add to it any products from the first days of life. You can get more information about the preparation of a good substrate in one of the previous articles “SUBSTRATE“. It is very common to hear “the more food we put, the more production and growth”. ERROR. That statement is totally wrong. Some plants run with the luck of not burning, but it affects the flavour of that flower; and there is no washing that will take away that horrendous taste. DON’T BE FOOLED! Other plants are not so lucky and die when receiving so much excess of fertiliser.

Common mistakes and problems when growing marijuana

Although they are slow-release, artisanal and organic fertilisers, are the safest bet to obtain healthy and rich plants, without having to go through these excesses.

The measurement of pH in the cultivation of cannabis

One of the errors that I think is due to a lack of knowledge occurs when it comes to the measurement of the pH of irrigation, essential to achieve a quality flower. This could be avoided if, before starting the crop, we minimally analyse what must be done to achieve a good result with the plants.

Common mistakes and problems when growing marijuana

The plants achieve a better absorption of nutrients in the range of pH 5.5 / 6.5-7. Therefore, you should make the measurement daily if you want to improve the quality of your crop.

The temperature in cannabis cultivation

Another factor that can be taken as an error in the crop is to expose the plants to excessively low or excessively high temperatures, which could lead to a total blockage of nutrients.

Common mistakes and problems when growing marijuana

You must always control the temperature of your crop, whether indoor or outdoor, trying to get the temperature to be between 20 and 25 degrees so as not to generate unnecessary stress on your cannabis plants. (The external factor, sometimes, is complicated, but it is always better to solve than to place and thus regulate the temperature). Humidity is also an important factor when developing plants.

Hygiene in the cultivation of cannabis

A common error of the home growers, novice and not so novice, is the hygiene of the area where the cultivation is going to be done, either inside or outside.

Common mistakes and problems when growing marijuana

YOU MUST SANITISE the whole area and the gardening materials, everything you are going to use, and why is this? You will avoid pests and unwanted diseases in this way.

The use of preventives measures in the cultivation of cannabis

Another important factor to avoid issues during the crop is the prevention measures that have to be put in place and that many dismiss until the problems appear. A very common mistake is to wait for something bad to happen to become aware that a series of preventives measures should be used, always depending on where and how you do your cultivation.

Indoors, biological fighting can be used instead of products that only strengthen the pests by making them more resistant. Outdoors, you can plant aromatics plants and plants with large flowers with a lot of pollen; this will make the beneficial insects visit your garden and help you in the task of maintaining pests. Propolis for agricultural use is also recommended to prevent fungi and diseases. You can make condiment slurries like pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, curry, (you can visit my Instagram account “@dra_weed to see tutorials) and perform this preventive once a week.

Anxiety in the cultivation of cannabis

Finally, we come to one of the most common mistakes among ALL inexperienced home growers: the anxiety. We want the plant to explode and to be ready. And we want the plant to secrete resin very quickly! Try to flow without influencing and leave the plant in peace to make its cycles away from your anxiety! Try to focus your attention; many of the errors that occur are due to a lack of this and for the little common sense when it comes to the most common tasks in gardening.

Common mistakes and problems when growing marijuana

I hope this article will help you in your next crops!

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