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Helpmeplease, culture pour visibiliser les problèmes sociaux
by Laura Rueda on 18/10/18

October brings solidarity and combat to Granada with the return of the HelpMePlease Cultural Benefit Festival. This edition, the theme chosen is "trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation", a social problem that unfortunately is still very topical. Throughout the month and throughout different areas of the city, events of different artistic disciplines and dissemination campaigns will be held around the theme.


More than € 8,000 for Proactiva Open Arms

Last year the organization of this event raised more than € 8,000 for the NGO Proactiva Open Arms, this time it has decided to work with APRAMP, a non-profit association that focuses its efforts on combating the trafficking of women and girls. In this edition, HelpMePlease aims to give visibility to the terrible problems that currently occur in this society, which this festival consider sick...

Pourquoi en Espagne et en Italie on mélange la marijuana avec du tabac?
by Laura Rueda on 17/10/18

I had to travel to the Netherlands to realize that the ritual we have in Spain to roll a grass cigarette is not the usual one in other parts of the world. "Are you Italians?" Asked the waitress. "No," we replied, "we are Spanish." "It doesn’t matter, Italians or Spaniards, it is forbidden to mix cannabis with tobacco inside the coffeeshop", he made sure that we were clear and when we nodded our heads, he smiled and added. "If you want to do it, you can smoke outside, on the terrace...

"El cannabis me permite que la creatividad llegue en toda su plenitud", entrevista al artista Dunkees
by Laura Rueda on 11/09/18

We discover the art of Dunkees in the documentary The Legend of 420. “I'm an artist, a creator. Cannabis allows me to kind of melt away all the distractions.”

The forcefulness and confidence of his words in front of the camera caught our attention. And the knowledge that he showed with the plant when it came to working inspired us to write to him. His answers come from across the pond, from California.

Daniel Miltonian, aka Dunkees...

- ACTUALIZACION - Expogrow presenta el cartel completo de su séptimo Festival de Música
by Orders Kannabia on 07/09/18

The Italian España Circo Este and the Portuguese Algazarra complete the lineup for the seventh Expogrow Festival of Music. These last two groups join the four artists already confirmed: El Canijo de Jerez, Bombino, and the two French groups Deluxe and Demi Portion. The concerts will take place on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th of September.

*The International Cannabis Show will take place in the Ficoba...

Un viaje fantástico. Breve historia de la marihuana en Chile
by Laura Rueda on 04/09/18

A fantastic journey. A brief history of marijuana in Chile and the world is the new book by journalist Marcelo Ibañez. It is a historical essay in favour of the regulation of the marijuana plant in Chile. From this country dates the first cannabis plantation in 1550, it is the first place in Latin America where a crop is documented. The author recounts many truths and myths surrounding the plant, including historical characters such as Shiva, Herodotus, Jimi Hendrix, Matias Vega, O...

La primera cerveza elaborada con cannabis se hace en Canadá
by Laura Rueda on 31/08/18

Province Brands is a Canadian company that has been receiving a lot of attention in the international media for having created the first beer in the world composed in its entirety of 100 % marijuana. This coveted concoction does not contain alcohol or gluten but its users need caution, because its effects, exactly like those given by smoking the plant, are noted almost immediately, just 10 minutes after drinking it. We interviewed their CEO, Dooma Wendschurch.

Cocinar con marihuana, el primer libro de Cedella Marley
by Laura Rueda on 30/08/18

Close your eyes and think of a universal figure that symbolizes cannabis in history, throughout the years. For sure many of you will have imagined Bob Marley, with his dreadlocks and his huge smile. The daughter of this reggae legend, Cedella Marley, has recently published her book, Cooking with Marijuana, which gives us many ways to include cannabis in our cooking.

Cooking with Marijuana is more than just a cookbook. As well as inviting...

Marley Natural, la marca oficial de marihuana de Bob Marley
by Laura Rueda on 28/08/18

The official Bob Marley brand exists, and has been on the market since 2016. It’s called Marley Natural and it’s a line of premium products which are said to be made with conscience, authenticity and a genuine respect for the nutritious benefits of nature. Amongst their products we can find cannabis flowers, accessories and personal care items. All from a responsible origen and inspired by authenticity. “A reflection of Marley’s ethos that integrates the goodness of nature with the...

¿Un alcoholímetro que detecta si has consumido cannabis?
by Laura Rueda on 27/08/18

The legalisation of cannabis for therapeutic and recreational use in some countries has brought with it the creation of a fairly extensive industry. In addition to beers, edibles, beauty products and lubricants, comes an invention which claims to measure the amount of marijuana that you have consumed, just like a breathalyser.

It looks like a small plastic box, about the size of a large mobile phone, which includes a disposable cartridge...

Le cannabis arrive à la haute bijouterie avec Bvlgari
by Laura Rueda on 21/08/18

Cannabis is fashionable! And you can see this when the brands that set the trends start to use it in their designs. The high jewellery firm Bvlgari has turned to cannabis for inspiration for some of its latest releases: the high jewellery Wild Pop necklace and broach, which are part of the Roaring 80's collection. They describe them as “audacious, irreverent and undoubtedly Bvlgari.”

There are many recurrent ideas that come to mind when...

Cooking on high, la première téléréalité gastronomique de cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 17/07/18

Can you imagine switching on national television and finding a type of cannabis Master Chef? This program exists and we love it! It’s name is Cooking on High and it’s available on Netflix. Gastronomía with a secret ingredient: marijuana! Just like the cooking shows that we know, the participants have a limited time and when it ends, the presenter shouts “Time’s up!”

Cooking on High is the first competitive cannabis gastronomic  program in...