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Según un estudio las mujeres son más vulnerables al cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 21/11/18
A few days ago news was published in some media sources indicating that cannabis affects women differently than men, and that this difference is due to estrogen. This study conducted on animals and published by Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience showed sex differences in response to cannabis, which not only indicate sociocultural factors, but also biological factors.

Missing data on women

One of the presentations that made the biggest impression on me on October 18 during the day Towards a Comprehensive Regulation, held in the Ernest Lluch room of the congress, was that of Noemí Sánchez of the State Network of Anti-prohibitionist Women (REMA).

Sanchez said that "The research we have today is basically based on white men, therefore we do not know as women how endogenous and exogenous cannabinoids function in...

Un nuevo estudio sugiere que el CBD podría ayudar con la adicción a la nicotina
by Laura Rueda on 16/11/18
Studies and research on cannabis continue to bring us good news on the ways the plant and its compounds could help us cope with pathologies and addictions. In this case, a study published in the scientific journal Addiction suggests that CBD, the non-psychotropic component of marijuana, could be useful for people who have an addiction to one of the most addictive substances on the market: nicotine.

CBD may decrease nicotine addiction

Could CBD...

El estudio más grande realizado sobre esquizofrenia y cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 06/11/18
The Barcelona hospital Vall d'Hebron has participated in the largest international study so far carried out looking at the relationship between cannabis use and mental pathologies. One of the facts that has been revealed are new genetic regions related to the consumption of the plant and diseases such as schizophrenia.

24% of genetic base

This international study, in which 184,765 patients participated, shows that 24% of the genetic base that...

Coca Cola pourrait lancer à son tour un rafraîchissement cannabique
by Laura Rueda on 02/11/18
There’s no smoke without fire. Canadian economy channel BNN Bloomberg issued a notice announcing that Coca Cola was in talks with Canadian company Aurora Cannabis to produce a product together. Shortly afterwards the US multinational beverage company issued a statement, dated Sept. 17, stating that it intended to enter the emerging marijuana infusion market.

Cannabis Coca Cola

The world's largest beverage maker may also target the emerging cannabis market...

La ley catalana de asociaciones de cannabis queda anulada por el Tribunal Constitucional
by Laura Rueda on 02/11/18
In June 2017, Parliament approved a law that protected the activity of cannabis clubs: the constitution of these as associations, the cultivation of the plant and its subsequent transport, as they had previously been operating alegally. One year and almost three months later, on September 19, 2018, the Constitutional Court considered that this regulation violated the powers of the State and could protect illegal activities; and therefore, they have revoked it.


Cannabis et yoga, un rêve devenu réalité
by Laura Rueda on 30/10/18
Yoga has changed many people's lives. In these times of doing everything fast, of spending almost the entire week working, of not having time for ourselves and of experiencing constant stress, mental and physical disciplines such as this are revolutionary. Imagine adding some cannabis to your daily practice and you will find yourself practising ganja yoga.

Dee Dussault says on her website that the first time she gave a Ganja Yoga class in her...

Cannabis use rises amongst people over 65
by Laura Rueda on 25/10/18

A study has revealed that cannabis use by Americans aged 65 or older increased by 250% between 2006 and 2013. It seems that third agers are the sector of the American population in which consumption of the plant has grown the most. As always, the US leads cannabis trends due to the progress in the legalization of the plant in many states both for medicinal and recreational use.

The tendency to use cannabis therapeutically has reached those over 65 in the United...

Cannabis could be alternative treatment for schizophrenia
by Laura Rueda on 22/10/18

1 in every 200 people in the US (approximately 0.5% of patients) is diagnosed with a type of schizophrenia and, in general, it is treated with pharmacological products like antipsychotics. Now, a study conducted by the Department of Psychology and the Department of Economics at the Universidad of New Mexico in Albuquerque, has discovered that cannabis could be an alternative to the established treatment of this condition.

"Approximately 0...

 Israel y Suiza prometen trabajar en la mejor marihuana para pacientes
by Laura Rueda on 15/10/18

Israel and Switzerland have united with the promise of attaining the best cannabis for people who need to use the plant for medical treatments. Two companies from these countries announced in a statement this week that they will work together to get better marijuana strains for patients and users. NRGene is an leading Israeli provider of complete genome sequencing and analysis and Pure Cannabis Research AG, a subsidiary of Pure Holding Cannabis Group, is a Swiss firm focused on the...

El cáñamo como superalimento
by Laura Rueda on 23/08/18

Superfoods are here to stay. Presented in this manner, they seem like authentic champions of the hipster movement, that have come, cape included, to save us from a poor nutritional routine. But this is misleading,they are not new, they have been a part of the diets of indigenous peoples for many thousands of years.

Superfoods, a world of possibilities

Antioxidants, omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, fibre, calcium, polyphenols...

Reino Unido da los primeros pasos para legalizar el cannabis terapéutico
by Laura Rueda on 03/08/18

Sajid Javid, the UK Home Secretary, announced a few days ago that the UK will begin to allow prescriptions of cannabis-derived medicines for patients “with an exceptional need.” These measures will become effective in the autumn.

Two high profile cases of children with epilepsy

In the UK there have been two highly publicised cases of children with refractory epilepsy whose families requested cannabis-based oil: Billy...