Weedcraft inc, the cannabis game of the moment

Weedcraft inc, the cannabis game of the moment

By: Laura Rueda Culture

It is not something new that fiction turns to the marijuana business to save its characters from an imminent bankruptcy situation. We saw it in the TV series Weeds, when its protagonist, Nancy Botwin, played masterfully by Mary-Louise Parker, starts selling cannabis in Agrestic, her Californian residential neighborhood, after becoming a widow. Now, a similar argument comes in another format, the videogame Weedcraft Inc. The series is about two brothers who lose their father and, to earn their living, begin to plant their own harvest, counting on very humble means at the beginning.

Weedcraft inc, the cannabis game of the moment

Two brothers united by a business

It all begins when an ADE student receives the news of the death of his father, due to cancer. Without resources to continue paying his career, he is forced to return home, where his brother awaits him. There, he will discover that the brother, has been growing cannabis to calm the effects that chemo produced in his father. And one thing leads to the other. The combination of brother-expert-in-business and brother-expert-in-culture start the game Weedcraft Inc or how to survive if you work in the cannabis industry.

Economic simulation game

Is this format new? No, Weedcraft Inc is based on a genre that already existed. What kind of entertainment is Weedcraft Inc? It belongs to the genus Tycoon, also known as an economic simulation game or business game. That is, stories that imitate an economy and make the player have to face various challenges. They are also known as strategic video games. Some famous examples of this type of games are SimCity 2000, Capitalism, Transport Tycoon or Anno.

Weedcraft inc, the cannabis game of the moment

Around the cannabis industry

The theme is innovative: a videogame that revolves around the cannabis industry: from its cultivation, to its commercialization, going through various aspects of its legislation. Will we be able, as players, to supply our customers with the varieties they ask for? It seems that it is not an easy task because of the configuration of the game itself.

According to YouTuber Gamer Cesferot: “there is a fairly large depth of content, since there are different types of customers interested in different types of plants. The problem arises when you discover that the way to take the game forward is not linear, but it is branched. “The inconvenient? ”Following the rhythm of the game is very difficult, but the tutorial does not even try to teach us what we should create.”

Weedcraft inc, the cannabis game of the moment

Developed in the USA

This video game takes place in the United States, so all the characteristics that surround the plant are based on what happens there. The mission of the person who plays is to investigate the production, cultivation and sale of cannabis in this country. Is it free? No, it costs € 16.79 and is available for PC and Mac, since it is a computer-based game.

In Weedcraft Inc there is humor and recognition at the same time; but not everything is easy-peasy. We have to be very careful and keep well our business. What is the worst that can happen to us? Going to jail or losing our money and having to start over again because we have lost of our money.

Weedcraft inc, the cannabis game of the moment

Learn more about this world

There are very nice details, as soon as we start playing we will begin to discover everything related to cultivation: watering, cutting, selling … There are two different scenarios, since we will have to take care of our plants in the basement and then go out to the street to try to sell them later. Here the important thing is to fulfill the missions that are entrusted to us. We will have to produce so many grams and sale them later to a certain number of people. Throughout this process, we will learn nuances about the legal margins of this world.

And, with all these elements, the fun will reside in playing with the different possibilities. Use more expensive or cheaper fertilizers, invest in more advanced technology, and get a crossing of an extraordinary quality. With Weedcraft Inc we will discover how important each step of the process is and how much it can affect the harvest. Elements such as the type of pot, the temperature, and the light bulbs used, the humidity, the potassium…

Weedcraft inc, the cannabis game of the moment

A game of great depth

Everyone agrees on something, it is not a simple game, since it has a complexity, as it gives us the knowledge necessary to succeed in our business. We may have a wonderful harvest, but in the ‘street’ other varieties are demanded. The information is power, also in Weedcraft Inc, so knowing the priorities of the client, will be key to recognise what kind of strain you want to buy.

Weedcraft Inc always offers you more opportunities, such being a friend of people from other bands or give you strains or talking to the police to get rid of fines, even hiring more productive employees. And, as was the case with the Weeds series, one day you can control everything and the next day, a bad decision can leave you bankrupt. You decide how you want to expand your business!

Weedcraft inc, the cannabis game of the moment

Earn money or help others?

The brother expert in business gives us the key in the game trailer: “There is demand, supply, product and consumers with different needs. Find out what they need and stock them with your product. The demand will come later. Adjust the price and boom! benefits. Basic economy. I quickly exchanged my terrible plan for a spreadsheet for my hippie brother’s misfortune. I was the brain; I focused on the income and expenses to fine-tune our process. He was the heart, everything revolved around the improvement of the product. Buy new equipment, expand our cultivation business and discover the ideal conditions and specific nutrients for each strain. And our customers loved it. They noticed the difference and we quickly had followers. “

However, the game poses as many possibilities as complications and this is what gives Weedcraft Inc. depth and excitement. Continuing with the words of brother business man: “Unfortunately, that also included a handful of boys in blue … We enter dangerous territory and begin to take precautions. I started thinking about ways to hide our production. Be careful with the smell; reduce the consumption of electricity and heating. When all this was not enough, we had to be more creative. We hide our crops behind the facades of laundries, tearooms and restaurants. “

Weedcraft inc, the cannabis game of the moment

And from there, he tells us how they both share the zones. One stays in the most dangerous part, with bribes and blackmail and, the other, enters the area of ​​barbecues and parties of friends. It is here where the plot of the video game has a turning point, since the more cannabic brother still has a thorn in the flesh after the death of his father and wants to bet on the medicinal field. Then, they begin to set up research centers and the two brothers are divided according to their interests. One seeks to earn money and, the other, find the definitive medical strain and give it to patients who need it.

Two brothers, the head and the heart. Two fundamental parts so that a project with these characteristics can move forward. What will happen? Only you have the chance to know, being a Weedcraft Inc player and exploring states where medical cannabis is already legalized. We hope that, in addition to advancing the plot, making money and having fun, you will learn many things about this industry.

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