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Auto Haze (Auto) - The Bulldog
Price:25,00 €

An autoflowering Cannabis Haze. As most autoflowering cannabis seeds out there are more influenced by indica genetics instead of sativa, we could not wait to try this Auto Haze. The cannabis Haze is a variety which has never been easy to grow, but with this autoflowering haze times are changing. She only needs 11 to 12 weeks from seed to harvest. Reaches a height of around 80 to 100cm. The yield is very good, the smell sweet and intense and the effect is what you can expect from a Haze strain; an energetic, yet calm sativa-high. Even die-hard Haze fanatics are very enthousiastic about this cannabis variety.

Flowering time: 56 days
Height: 90 - 1000cm
Seed to Harvest: 80 days
Harvest: high (for an automatic)
Taste / Smell: Strong sweet haze smell and taste.