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DNA Mix Pack - DNA Genetics
Price:35,00 €

DNA Mix Pack cannabis seeds kit in 3 or 6 feminized seeds form will allow you to grow some DNA Genetics' strains, now available at Alchimiweb store.

Based in Amsterdam in 2004, DNA Genetics Seedbank characterised by its ability to combine north American elite strains with typically European varieties such as Super Silver Haze or Exodus Cheese, to create new original hybrids representing the best of cannabis genetics from the two continents.

This originality and the quality of the work done quickly set to propel DNA on first line of international scene, winning more than 50 awards in cannabis competitions in a decade of existence. This notoriety is also considerable in coffee shops, where DNA strains such as Cannalope Haze variety, Kandy Kush, Lemon Skunk, LA Confidential, Silver Bubble, Chocolope, Kosher Kush... became some of the most wanted strains by connoisseurs.

We can also find a large offer of OG Kush hybrids in DNA's genetic collection, as crosses with The OG#18 clone, a slightly acid and floral tasting plant with destroying effect, which make it a perfect breeding strain to get resinous and tasty new hybrids.

This 3 and 6 feminized seeds packs are randomly chosen by DNA Genetics, mixing seeds yet available in its catalogue, with some new strains projects to discover in exclusivity