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Exodus Kush - DNA Genetics
Price:70,00 €

Exodus Kush - from DNA Genetics - combines two cannabis strains famous for their strong and complex aroma: UK Exodus Cheese - a Skunk#1 genetics selection - and OG Kush, a marijuana variety known for its potent effect and floral citric smell.

It produces large yields with remarkable organoleptic properties, getting ready to be harvested after 9 weeks of flowering.

Exodus Cheese variety's influence gives to Exodus Kush a ramified and compact structure in the vegetative stage, but DNA Genetics recommends to prune regularly our cannabis plant to limit its vertical grow when switching to flowering photo-period. This will increase flower production, to get yields of up to 500gr/m2 of dense and resinous buds.

Exodus Kush offers compact flowers covered by a large amount of resin, spreading a potent smell typical from OG Kush plants , whereas Exodus Cheese's background is more present when somked, a dense smoke with old school Skunk hints. Its effect is rapid and suitable for night use, being very relaxing.

A cannabis strain that will delight both Cheese lovers and OG Kush growers, producing flowerssuitable for making cannabis concentrates.

Exodus Kush from DNA Genetics features:

  • Genetics: UK Exodus Cheese x OG Kush
  • Hybrid: 60% indica - 40% sativa
  • Type: Feminized
  • Indoor Harvest: 9 weeks
  • Yield: 450-550g/m2