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Kosher Kush - Reserva Privada - DNA Genetics
Price:40,00 €

This incredible feminised strain born in California stands out for being the most fragrant of the family. Its performance is average, so that when smoked it gives you a feeling of having been blessed by luck.
It is quite a tall plant, tending to support a single cola, so pruning at the growth knot will help boost production by increasing the lateral branching.
It is easy to grow, so it will be pleasing to the novice grower, although it will also be an interesting one for more experienced growers in squeezing it to its maximum potential.
Can be grown in the high EC levels with plenty of nutrients it will offer maximum splendour. That is, it is resistant to fluctuations in food. Its ratio of flowers in relation to leaves is high, making it easy to manicure.
Anecdotally, in that Kosher in Hebrew means "quality", ie, "It's Kosher" translates as "fucking great", as is this Kush strain.
Characteristics of Kosher Kush Private Reserve of DNA:
Genetics: Kosher x Og Kush marijuana
Flowering indoor: 9-10 weeks
Flowering outdoor: End of October
Indoor Yield: 450-550 g/m2
Outdoor Performance 450 gr / plant