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Athens Cannabis Expo 2018
Friday, 11/01/19 to Sunday, 13/01/19


It’s our honor and joy to announce the 1st International Cannabis Expo in Greece.
The event will take place on 11-13 January 2018 in Athens and specifically in the coastal area of Faliro in Tae Kwon Do Stadium.

Cannabis exhibitions are not something new in Europe and the rest of the world, due to the fact that they are taking place in many countries the last years, with a vast number of exhibitors from the scientific and commercial sector. The visitors are thousands with great interest due to the fact that the exhibitions are not only B2B but also B2C.

Our goal is to inform the visitors for all the products and the innovations that exist in the cannabis sector worldwide and also all the latest achievements as far as the medical, pharmaceutical and industrial use of cannabis are concerned.Of course the exhibition also provides many investment opportunities for whoever wants to be occupied with this subject due to the fact that there will be a great participation of foreign companies with many years experience in this sector.

With a rich conferences program together with many film and documentary projections parallel to the main event, we will try to increase the awareness of the public on the advantages of cannabis and inform whoever is interested in all the possible ways of making the most of it.