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B2B Cannabis Trade Show
Saturday, 21/07/18 to Sunday, 22/07/18
Vancouver, BC

Cannabis Trade Show focuses on the future of expanding and fast growing cannabis industry. This show welcome all executives with growing companies and emerging industry professionals who is interested in front line innovations, how cannabis businesses grow in a rapidly advancing market, and new technologies!

It has come to no surprise that the trend for marijuana is currently rising. In Canada, the legalization of marijuana is on the right track and is hoping to become official in July 2018 or sometime later. Going into more depth of what legalization would change how people are dispensing marijuana, the government is basically creating a system in order to regulate marijuana production, sale, and distribution. They will also be collecting licensing fee and taxes on those sales.

Each province in Canada will be setting more rules about the sale and distribution on their own, regarding to their provinces’ preferences. The federal government will only provide minimum conditions and has not yet for come to an official decision on how much to charge for the marijuana. This action would help significantly in taking profits away from criminals and organized crime. It would be considered as serious offenses if people were to produce and distribute marijuana outside the government regulation after the legalization has been enforced.

In the case of people concerning over underage kids and teens having access over marijuana, the government is complementing the law enforcement the same way as they did for alcohol, which will prohibit teens and minors who are under the age of 18 from buying and having access over the marijuana. This will have resulted in a highly regulated system of distribution, which would be as successful as how the government has been with alcohol.