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Cultiva Hemp Expo
Friday, 16/10/20 to Sunday, 18/10/20

Since the first Cultiva hemp fair in 2008, it is the aim is to provide a platform for the hemp plant and its use, the industry and its development, as well as the many related socio-political issues.

With the increase in consumers and patients, cannabis has also become an issue in road traffic. In 2018, a panel of experts and lawyers was set up at the Cultiva Cannabis Congress, resulting in a jointly signed traffic resolution. This year, a panel of experts met again and together with a traffic psychologist, the demand for an objective assessment of the fitness to drive again became clear.

While experts met at the hemp congress and fair visitors enjoyed the event, a real hunt for participants who came by car raged ahead of the fair. After there are no limits for an objective assessment of driving ability, arbitrariness is open to the public. Anyone who has ever used cannabis in the past few days, is positive in the drug test, although there is no present impairment. The many reports of those affected are shocking. Exhibitors, visitors and employees had to give urine in the parking lot in front of passers-by - even women had to publicly expose themselves. A pain patient with recent intervertebral disc surgery had to undergo tests that were not feasible for him, e.g. standing on one leg, doing. He was held for hours despite evidence of hypoglycaemia due to diabetes. The list of such offical acts could be continued for a long time.