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Wednesday, 15/05/19 to Thursday, 16/05/19

In 2016, Switzerland reformed its law to allow the cultivation of hemp with up to 1% THC. Swiss cannabis flowers are now sold as a tobacco substitute and more than 600 companies are registered to produce CBD based flowers, oils, edibles, and other products, exporting them all over the world. Switzerland is making progress towards fully legalizing cannabis and the International Cannabis Business Conference is proud to make Zurich our third European stop to form a superconference with CannaTrade.


The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) kicked off its 2019 European trek with a team-up with Spannabis in Barcelona. Immediately establishing itself as the biggest business-to-business (B2B) cannabis industry event in Spain, ICBC Barcelona exceeded everyone's expectations. Collaborating with Spannabis, a legendary expo known around the globe as one of the go-to cultural fairs for the cannabis community was a match made in heaven and set up the ICBC's groundbreaking Berlin event and the upcoming Zurich conference, a team-up with CannaTrade, Switzerland's pioneering hemp fair this May 15-16th.

Bringing the world's preeminent cannabis B2B networking event to Spannabis was the overriding goal, but the ICBC also brought together its trademark blend of politics and culture as well. You can check out a snippet of what ICBC Barcelona was like, culminating with an epic after-party featuring a performance by Damian Marley...