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International Hemp Fair
Friday, 21/02/20 to Sunday, 23/02/20
Roma RM


It is the International Fair which has been bringing in Rome hemp fragrance and taste since 2015: the biggest event in Italy in exponential growth, the only officially recognized as International.

During the years Canapa Mundi growing constantly: from 7.500m², 200 stands, 23.000 visitors and 6.000 professional attendees in 2017, it comes to 9.000m², 150 stand and more than 30000 visitors in 2018. For the VI Edition, on February 2020 Canapa Mundi is ready for a further development and a new location: 11000m² in the exhibition hall of Fiera di Roma.

It is a real guarantee of success for exhibitors. Opportunity of knowledge, fun and convenience for visitors. Contribution to the cultural transformation of our society and to the development of such an important field of our economy.

It is a meeting point for producers, consumers, growers, distributors, retailers, no-profit organizations, new and old customers from all over the world. Through stands, workshops, conferences, video-shows, exhibitions and workshops we will meet food, clothes, bioplastics, crop products, construction techniques, tools for consumer and patients.

Canapa Mundi is the celebration of the plant which is by definition a synonymous of strength, resistance, good health, respect for the environment and our historical roots.

From all over the world, and from every area of knowledge and everyday life, All roads lead to Canapa Mundi.