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Annabis Arthrocann Gel Effet Chaleur 75 ML
Price:14,90 €

Warming gel with hemp oil and hemp seed extract for massage of the skin in the areas of joints, muscles, tendons and back
Arthrocann warming gel with colloidal silver is enriched with Omega 3-6 unsaturated fatty acids. The gels original combination of 16 active substances through massages contributes to the rapid onset of relief, improves the blood circulation and warms the tissues. A significant warming effect is caused by the red hot pepper extract containing capsaicin along with cinnamon. The skin massage with the gel intensely warms the area of application, this contributing to the regeneration and relief of muscle fatigue after sports and physical exertion. For athletes it is a good complement for muscle warm-ups before sports. Thanks to its consistency the gel is a well spreadable, non-greasy and easily absorbable.
Arthrocann gel with a functional combination of 16 active substances, eg.:
Hemp oil and hemp seed extract
Ginger root extract
Horse chestnut extract
Common comfrey extract
Common thyme extract
Colloidal silver
Our clients experiences verify its effectiveness - Arthrocann gel really works. Vegan friendly.