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Annabis Bodycann Shampoo Natural 250ML
Price:11,50 €

Natural shampoo for everyday care of both, the hair and scalp
Natural shampoo with extra gentle washing substances conforms to the demands of a sensitive skin manifesting psoriasis or eczema. The 19 herbal extracts in combination with the hemp seed oil calm the skin and keep your hair healthy and shiny. The Sandalwood, Atlas cedar and Panthenol has a positive effect on the normal quality and growth of the hair and improves hair appearance. Thanks to its composition is suitable for people with manifestation of eczema and psoriasis. You can combine with Cannol, hemp oil enriched with other plant extract.
Bodycann Shampoo with an effective combination of natural active substances, eg.:
Hemp Seed Oil
Extract Of 19 Herbs
Argan Oil
Meets the standards of natural cosmetics. Approved for children 0-3 years.