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Annabis Dolorcann Organic 50 ML
Price:15,90 €

Organic hemp ointment for massage of the skin in the area of joints, tendons, muscles and back
Dolorcann organic hemp ointment, with a high content of Omega 3-6 unsaturated fatty acids in conjunction with the original combination of plant extracts, effectively contributes through the skin massage rapid onset of relief of muscle tension and stiffness. It also keeps the skin supple and nourished. The ointment spreads well; even a small amount of the ointment will treat a large area of the skin. Due to its consistency, it maintains sufficient sliding properties during the massage. The long-term effect of Dolorcann hemp ointment can be improved by with wrapping of the affected area.
Dolorcann hemp ointment with an original combination of botanicals, such as:
Hemp seed extract and Hemp oil
Vitamin E
Eucalyptus oil
Clove oil
Lavender oil
Rosemary oil
Dolorcann hemp ointment is available in 2 sizes - the smaller size is always available. Meets the standards of natural organic. Approved for children 0-3 years. Vegan friendly.