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Baby Boom Auto - Kannabia
Price:8,50 €

Intense shades of purple, blue and green define this small but lethal indica variety. With a tapestry of flavours ranging from pine and earth to sweet and sour plum jam, Baby Boom has a strong combination of both cerebral relaxation and couch lock (especially if you don’t keep moving).

Like most autoflowering varieties, this strain is easy to grow and prefers light, low release fertilization and is mould, pest and disease resistant.


Characteristics observed in a plant grown in optimal conditions. These may vary according to the external factors of each crop.

Therapeutic values relate to the content of endogenous phytoannanabinoids produced by one plant. These can also vary depending on the external factors of each crop. Consult a specialist before use.

Technical info

Values obtained in a plant grown in optimal conditions. These may vary according to the external factors of each crop.

Seed type:
Northern Lights x Blueberry x Ruderalis
Indica dominant hybrid
<0,5 %
18,7 %


Life cycle:
55-60 days
Average height:
80-110 cm


Values obtained in a plant grown in optimal conditions. These may vary according to the external factors of each crop.

Plant from:
March - October
Average height:
80-150 cm

Kannabia Seeds Company vend à sa clientèle un produit de collection, un souvenir. Nous ne pouvons pas et nous ne devons pas donner de culture, donc notre produit n’est pas destiné à cette fin.

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Very nice and easy to grow plant. I have grown the strain outdoor on the 50th latitude in the central Europe, with some colder and sometimes rainy weather, with temperatures from 13 to 28 °C, almost without fertilizing, so it did not show big growth, but my first plant of this year is almost ready to harvest and I look forward to try if the taste is so nice as the smell...:-) Thank you Kannabia team.


Bonjour, j habite en Guadeloupe nous sommes pratiquement en 12/12 jour nuit. A chaque fois que je plante une auto flo elle fait une tige de 8 cm et ensuite elle fleurit.

Pourquoi? je croyais que la photopériode n'était pas importante pour les autoflo.

Je voudrais savoir comment faire?

Est il possible de faire 12 heures de soleil naturel et 4 heures de lumière CFL? y aura t il des problèmes de spetre ou autres?


merci de m'aider à faire pousser mes autoflo ou de me diriger vers guide spécialisé dans la zone caraibes.
Cordialement, TOM


salut mon ami, tu peux faire en CFL ou LED en complément en même temps que Le Soleil naturel pendant 12h assure toi aussi qu’il y a de l’espace pour les racines

Franco Verdejo

Muy buena calidad de cogollo (muy compactos y resinosos) y me impresionaron los resultados (buen aroma, subidón y sabor), recomendada al 100%.


Good day,

I have a baby boom in flower, It germinated on the 24 of February and as of today it would be 9 weeks, which would be 63 days old since germ. It says the flowering stage is 55 - 60 days what does that acctually mean, should the plant be done at that time or it should be in flowering stage by that time frame, than have a few more weeks of flowering, I do have buds on the plant but they seem small to me at this stage if the plant wqas to be finished any information would be helpful.

Kind Regards John

John Montgomery

It's only to be used as a guideline not a definite date and even autos have a veg period 3 weeks approximately and then the 50/ 60 days stated.hope that helps 


Realmente me encantó todo de esta planta y me impresiono mucho kannabia seeds. Una de las mas sabrosas que he probado, el vapeo me dejaba en el suelo y el rosin con esta variedad es de lo mas rico.

la ame

me duro poco uwu



Pouvez-vous me donner des conseils pour la culture sur balcon de ces Baby Boom Auto?

Et qu'en est-il en intérieur, quelle quantités de plants et tailles des pots, soit sous:$

- 5x COB Led CREE 3560 240W


- 600W HPS



how was the amount of harvest in grams built? Do u mean dried stuff or wet weed?.... I know that 200g/plant are not possible to reach for a random grower - are there any informations about the average from successful grower of the past? (for example: when I growed Autos indoor, the harvest was 40g/plant...)

It is my first outdoor-auto-grow this year - but it seems that there will be much more to hope for than indoor.

BTW: super seeds!!! all 13 seeds made there way like soldiers :-D