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Blue Widow - Dinafem
Price:11,00 €

This hybrid has been created to give flavour, taste and colour. Due to its Blueberry heritage, in low outdoor temperatures this plant displays autumnal colours, turning from blue to purple and even reddish colours when the temperature drops even further.

Outdoors it can reach 3m tall which, along with good dry weight production, the precocity of the blue mother and the resin production and sedative power of the White Widow father, guarantees high production. It is a good producer of fat purple buds totally coated with trichomes, with a fruit chewing gum taste and a nice strength.

  • Flowering period: 50-55 days
  • Harvest outdoors: Until 10th October
  • T.H.C: High (12%-16%)
  • C.B.D: Medium
  • Production: High
  • Height outdoors: Can reach 3m
  • Blend: Indica-Sativa, with Indica dominance
  • Genotype: Blueberry x White Widow