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Critical Jack - Dinafem
Price:10,00 €

This strain is a cross of Critical+ with a very productive sativa , the only one capable of flowering in 70 days, producing up to 21% THC. The results are obviously convincing: 60 days of flowering are enough for a harvest of plants that have a really rapid growth. Their aspect is shabby like the sativa, with ample knots and very large light green leaves that hang limply. It does have a fairly strong effect, wellbalanced; the modification increases its psychoactive side. It has an intense fruity flavour, but in some samples this varied to a lemony taste of wood. Very productive, even more than Critical+, an authentic flower producing machine, flowers which are very regular in size and homogenously placed on the branches –an heirloom received from its Critical+ side -. There is a clear increase in strength and a noticeable resistance against damp and fungus.

  • Flowering at 12 hours: 55- 65.
  • Outdoor harvests: from 30 September to 15 October.
  • THC: Very high ( 14% - 18% ).
  • CBD: Medium.
  • Production: Very high.
  • Outdoor height: Up to 3 metres.
  • Composition: Sativa- Indica, 50%.
  • Genotype: Critical + x Jack Herer