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Atomical Haze - Paradise Seeds
Price:38,00 €

This variety contains one part original Haze, the other part is an Indian classic and last, but not least, a sweet Afghan. A good combination of genes. These plants can grow quite tall but not as big and ever continuing as some other Hazes. Plants are actually quite proportioned and make big sized buds covering the branches with medium sized leaves. The Sativa/ Haze trait is dominant. But this combination give this plants a taste and high superior to most varieties. The flavor when inhaled is typically sweet and sour, similar to the taste of kiwis, with a fine hazy aftertaste in the mouth when exhaled. The plants should be put directly from seed into flowering or when grown a bit longer just a few pots will do with a bit of bending tricks.
Type: Sativa Haze 80 / Indica 20
Yield: indoors 450 grams per m2 indoors. Outdoors 700 grams per plant.
Flowering time: 9 weeks indoors. Outdoors end of October (n.L.)
Effect: Superior souring high
Aroma /Taste: Sweet, sour, Hazy
THC: 15-18 %