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Og Kush - The Plant
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Delicious and stable strain. In fact it is one of the male we use in our genectic crosses. It is very resinous, as is typical of the kush it comes from. Supplement it with magnesium, it will grateful.

The Plant has selected this legendary and delicious strain from the West Coast, for its organic cultivation. The result has been resounding, and its stability has helped us to decide choosing it for our genetic crosses (like The Plant Nicole Kush) .

As it could not be otherwise, given its Kush origin, it has very resinous flowers with a very lucky final yield. The flowering cycle is short, and when using osmosis water, it is advisable to supply magnesium and calcium, your plant will be especially grateful.

Its flavour is very characteristically earthy and the woody notes are greatly enhanced by its organic origin.

The aroma is very pleasant with an almost perfect combination of flowers and musk. It smells amazing .

The relaxing effects are very pleasant and enhance the senses greatly, providing a lasting sensation of happiness .

Very recommended for pain in general and in particular migraines; its therapeutic use is widespread.

Purity: Chemdawg x Lemon Thai-Hindu Kush
Species: 25% Sativa - 75% Índica
Height: 80 cm
Flavour: Fruity
Smell: Flowers
Effects: Sense enhance
Medical use: Migraine
Outdoor harvest: October
Outdoor yield: 500-550 gr/m2
Indoor flowering: 8 weeks
Indoor yield: 400-450 gr/m2