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South Plant - The Plant
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This strain is selected because of its high yield and deep aroma. It posseses a large central cola and a lot of resin troughout the whole plant. Due to the considerable volume of the flowers humidity control is necessaty.

The number one of our Originals Collection, South Plant, combines perfectly South African sativa varieties with the exotic touch of south India.

Its particular structure around a large central cola has a multitude of buds that are full of resin surrounding them, which guarantees a spectacular performance.

The flowers reach a considerable volume, reason why humidity control is necessary. It is not a plant for beginners. As any dominant sativa tends to grow quite high, so it is advisable to use garden stakes.

Its flavour is sweet with a very personal earthy touch and its fruity smell gives it a very pleasant aroma.

Its effects are very powerful, increasing if it is cut early and is a very stimulating plant that favours concentration.

At a therapeutic level, is perfect for the loss of appetite, and for its depression helping qualities.

  • Purity: 1ª Generation
  • Gender: Feminizada
  • Species: 75% Sativa, 25% Indica
  • Height: 100-120 cm
  • Flavour: Tierra Dulce
  • Smell: Fruta Madura
  • Medical: Depresión, Inapetencia
  • Effect: Happines Concentration
  • Flowering: October
  • Flowering: 8 Weeks
  • Outdoor: 550-600 Gr/m2
  • Indoor: 450-500 Gr/m2