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Variedad del mes

This month our GELATO-K will seduce you with a super discount

February... The last month of winter and time for Carnival and Valentine’s.
An early sing of spring that alters our blood pressure here at Kannabia Seeds and, as it can be expected, we are presenting our new Strain of the Month with eyes set on you, kannabist friends: the chosen one? Undoubtedly, our GELATO-K!!

Everyone will be bound to fall in love with these seeds of our Gelato-K seeds, a stable genetics and perfectly balanced, full of personality, practically perfect in all senses: productivity, strength, scent, taste, beauty… Now with a super 15 % discount until the end of the month!

Let yourself be seduced by the Bubba Kush x Gelato cross... It will likely become the love of your life.