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From Russia
with love... and
with discount!
Here it comes our internationally known and respected by all...
  • Our famous Russian Doll with a 15% discount
  • A box full of surprises!
  • High productivity in any context

From Russia with love... and with discount!

Is there a better way to start 2022 than with a heavyweight of Kannabia's classic genetics? In january, Kannabia's new Strain of the Month is... our famous Russian Doll!

Internationally known and respected by all, we are in front of a powerful feminized cannabis seed predominantly Sativa. A box full of surprises (each more pleasant and fascinating!), undoubtedly proud of its origins in the beautiful but inhospitable region of Kuban, between the Russian steppes and the Black Sea.

Its strong personality can be seen in its strong and robust appearance, its intense mix of flavors and aromas (between wood and incense), and its powerful and long-lasting mixed of physical and mental effect.

Untamed warrior, it stands out as well for its amazing resistance to pests and diseases, and for its high productivity in any context.

From Russia with love for all our Kannabist friends, this month you can enjoy it with a great 15% discount.