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Northern Lights Regular - Sensi Seeds
Price:109,00 €

Northern Lights is one of three fundamental breeding strains that have changed the face of global cannabis culture over the last three decades. Apart from Skunk #1 and Haze, no variety comes close to matching Northern Lights? influence on the world of weed. Virtually every cannabis enthusiast has, at the very least, had their day brightened by a fat bud of Northern Lights or one of her hybrid descendants.

Through years of selection and back-breeding between stellar examples of the three original Northern Lights variants, has been adapted this picture-perfect Afghanica genotype for optimum indoor performance, making the world?s most powerful pure Indica accessible to every grower.

Northern Lights is compact, fast and very dense, capable of producing several generous, trouble-free crops per year from seed or clone. Her frosted buds possess a honey-musk aroma blended with an earthy Afghani undertone and a hint of juniper ? highly enticing when dried and smoked, yet remarkably understated when growing and flowering. Low odour and easy cultivation combined with big yields and exceptional resin production make Northern Lights the first choice in Indica - for both connoisseur quality and commercial quantity.

  • Flowering: 45-50 days
  • Height: 100-125 cm
  • Yield: up to 125 gr