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Lift Cannabis Expo 2016 - Toronto
De Sábado, 28/05/16 hasta Domingo, 29/05/16
Toronto, ON

Canada has a long history of being a leader in the global cannabis industry. Our world-class medical cannabis production facilities are second-to-none, and with the election of a new federal government (a government that unequivocally promises to fully legalize cannabis for adult use), Canada is poised to once again lead the global revolution towards a truly free, open, and legalized cannabis industry.

The Lift Cannabis Expo will provide an electric environment for patients, consumers, industry members, entrepreneurs, local leaders, job seekers and curious individuals to come learn about one of North America’s fastest growing industries.

The expo will feature talks and presentations from top industry leaders, and an exhibitor hall filled with businesses showcasing industry-related products and services, including licensed producers, dispensaries, seed companies, nutrient companies, hydroponics manufacturers, medical clinics, health and wellness providers, and many more.

The Lift Cannabis Expo welcomes exhibitors and attendees from across Canada, the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world to join us in Toronto. This is the start of something big.