Expoweed Chile is here!

Expoweed Chile is here!

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Chile welcomes one more time Expoweed 2016, South America’s largest hemp fair. Santiago de Chile is the city in which we will enjoy its fifth edition, during the days 2, 3 and 4 of December. Following the success achieved in previous years, the event takes place again in O’Higgins Park.

Expoweed 2016 will feature 6,000 square meters, and will be developed around three central themes: the usual display of exhibitors companies, with booths showing all types of Marijuana and hemp-related products; the Hemp Forum, in which Chilean and international leading personalities will debate on the use of cannabis from different perspectives; and finally, the Music Festival with live performances.

Kannabia Seeds team joins happily the event, you can visit us at booth number 69, which we share with Plantasur. In addition, we wanted to contribute to the music programme: this time we sponsor one of the venues of the festival. Kannabia Stage presents a powerful line up, supporting Chilean singers and bands. We hope to see you there on the Weekend!

« Music is to the spirit, what the sun to the plants, especially among members of the cannabis community« 

Debate and divulgation are now part of almost all the fairs of the sector, and at Expoweed this is not going to be less. Its panel of speakers figures names of appealing personalities as Ed Rosenthal, Jorge Baradit and Susan Van Bruncshot. Their presentations and discussions, all of them open to the general public, will be developed parallel to the event. Which one of these conferences wouldn’t you miss?

So you know, folks, we are waiting for you at booth 69 with the most selected from our catalogue of marijuana seeds. And, for those who cannot attend, we recommend you stay tuned to our Social Media profiles, we will keep you updated of everything what happens around here.

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