Indica Sativa Trade 2022


À partir de vendredi, 08/04/2022 - Jusqu'à ce que dimanche, 10/04/2022

lndicaSativa is the fìrst italian trade show devoted to the hemp world in all its many facets.
A catalogue of exhibltors wich collects the most important European and wortdwide producers, a high attendance of professionals, a great and increaslng success of public and a wealth of events make this expo the most important showcase in ltaly. In 2022 the fair will hold its eighth edition, confirming itself as the most long-lived and authoritative event about hemp in ltaly.

Among the oldest and most visited ltalian art and culture cities, Bologna is the flrst untverslty town In Europe, with a population of 80.000 students living in the city. Bologna is a centrai hub for industriai and commer­ ciai heart of Northem ltaly.