International Cannabis Awards (ICA) 2024


À partir de mercredi, 13/03/2024 - Jusqu'à ce que mercredi, 13/03/2024

The most prestigious event in the world of cannabis

The International cannabis Awards is a prestigious event celebrating excellence in the cannabis industry, akin to the Oscars. It recognizes the dedication and innovation of individuals who have advanced cannabis cultivation, extraction, and product development. Expert judges have rigorously evaluated entries, ensuring only the best products are acknowledged.

The awards span categories like Best Flower, Best Edible, and Best Concentrate. The event also acknowledges the collective efforts of growers, breeders, scientists, and artisans who have shaped the industry. It honors those promoting destigmatization, education, and responsible cannabis use.

The ceremony serves to inspire further innovation and collaboration in the cannabis community. It’s a celebration of the industry’s finest achievements and contributors. Let the International Cannabis Awards commence, raising a toast to winners, nominees, and everyone driving cannabis excellence forward.

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