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Mikromachine Auto - Kannabia
Prix:11,00 €

Le croisement génétique de nos 2 meilleures auto fleurissantes a donné lieu à une génétique supérieure. La plus productive de nos variétés auto.

Une authentique machine à produire des bourgeons riches en trichomes. Mikromachine t’offrira l’opportunité de cultiver en grand, des plantes de taille moyenne, jamais petite. Nous recommandons sa culture aussi bien en intérieur comme en extérieur. Nous avons observé en extérieur une production pouvant aller jusqu’à 320 gr/plante si cultivé directement en sol. En intérieur, nous arrivons facilement à une production de 350 gr/m2. Excellent ratio calice- feuille et courte distance entre les nœuds. Elle produit des fleurs compactes en grande quantité qui occupent les tiges épaisses qu’elle forme. Bien que la variété peut être prête en 65 jours, elle nécessite quelques jours de plus pour une parfaite maturation. Ces jours de plus seront compensés par une grande quantité de fleurs chargées de trichomes.


Characteristics observed in a plant grown in optimal conditions. These may vary according to the external factors of each crop.

Therapeutic values relate to the content of endogenous phytoannanabinoids produced by one plant. These can also vary depending on the external factors of each crop. Consult a specialist before use.

Info technique

Values obtained in a plant grown in optimal conditions. These may vary according to the external factors of each crop.

Type semences:
Northern Lights x (AK-47 x Critical) x Ruderalis
Hybride Dominante Sativa
<0,5 %
14,7 %


Cycle complet:
70-75 jours
Hauteur moyenne:
60-70 cm
Très élevée


Values obtained in a plant grown in optimal conditions. These may vary according to the external factors of each crop.

Planter de:
Mars - Octobre
Hauteur moyenne:
85-150 cm
Très élevée

Kannabia Seeds Company sells to its customers a product collection, a souvenir. We cannot and we shall not give growing advice since our product is not intended for this purpose.

Kannabia accept no responsibility for any illegal use made by third parties of information published. The cultivation of cannabis for personal consumption is an activity subject to legal restrictions that vary from state to state. We recommend consultation of the legislation in force in your country of residence to avoid participation in any illegal activity.


Hi, if u bought these seeds u'll be really happy at the harvest.

Best growing solution is the "dwc" sistem but even with a normal substrate  you'll harv sweet and compact buds.

It's really easy to grow so is perfect for beginners.

Buy it with confidence.

Salvatore scandale

Grazie per opportunità mio ceppo preferito grazie mille 


He tenido 2 de esta genética en exterior una con su forma normal y otra con una poda fim y alumbrado. Después del cultivo no la aconsejo para su cultivo en exterior por su gran facilidad a recibir plagas. Hay sepas más duras que soportan mejor estas condiciones dadas en exterior. No así su producción es asombrosa cogollos bien duros no los más entrenados que e sacado de esta cosecha pero sin duda muy rica. Para interior promete 


Uma das mejores variadades que plantei y fumé hasta los dias de hoy...seguiré plantando esta variedad muy contento sabor e efectos estube con vosotros en spannabis y grandes regalos, continuar así forza


I'm going to use 24/24 for the whole grow, I'll come back then to give some news.


So far so good, it's my first grow so not everything is going exactly smooth but she react really good when you know how to take care of her. Most picture Iv'e seen showed a stretchy sativa sativa phenotype plant but it seems that mine was apart. Mine is very bushy, I can see ruderalis like leafs and indica too, newer leaf might be tinner I'm hyped for the futur. 

If any of you want to have exemple and week to week followup of this strain, I invite you to take a look at my diary link, where you can also find another diary of the micromachine, have a wonderfull day and enjoy your grow!