Damian Marley will transform a prison into a marijuana manufacturing plant

Damian Marley will transform a prison into a marijuana manufacturing plant

Di: Roberto Kannabia Coltivazione

Poetic justice. Once again, marijuana and Reggae partner together.

What has until now be a prison will house a space for legal cultivation. Sure some of the former prisoners would never have dreamed of such an innovative possibility. Damian Marley has partnered with Ocean Grown Extracts to transform the field of a former state prison in California, closed since 2011, in a huge marijuana crop. The production focuses on strains with therapeutic properties, and will be distributed through various dispensaries in the region. “Many people sacrificed too much for the herb and ended locked up,” says Marley. “If this venture helps people, is used for medicinal purposes, and inspires them, it will be a success.”

A transforming and inspiring project, those of which could be copied in many places. While it is clear that not everyone – associations or particulars – can afford it: to acquire the Claremont Custody Center in Coalinga has cost the singer an investment of 4.1 million dollars. 7,000 square meters which is expected to create 100 jobs. Great news for the town, which now finds itself in a long period of recession and has welcomed the initiative.

It is expected that the first crop will be ready for January 2017. “The grass is the cure for the nation,” said Bob Marley, Damian’s well-known father. And it seems that his son has decided to make it happen.

We recall that the state of California was the first to legalize the medical use of marijuana in 1996. It is expected that the vote to be held in November this year will approve recreational use. Shall we book some holidays?

Kannabia seed Company vende ai suoi clienti un prodotto da collezione, un souvenir. Non possiamo e non dobbiamo dare consigli sulla coltivazione perché il nostro prodotto non è destinato a tale scopo.

Non siamo responsabili dell’uso illecito che potrebbe essere fatto da parte di terzi delle informazioni qui pubblicate. La coltivazione della cannabis per autoconsumo è un’attività soggetta a determinate restrizioni legali che variano da stato a stato. Si consiglia di rivedere la normativa vigente nel Paese di residenza per evitare di incorrere nello svolgimento di un’attività illecita.